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10 Hilarious Pieces Of Outlander Fan Art That Would Even Make Black Jack Randall Laugh

**Contains brief mention of sexual assault**

The many fans of the hit Starz show, Foreigner, are in the middle of what they jokingly call “Droughtlander” – the long period of time between airings of the show’s different seasons. Viewers kill time in many ways, such as obsessing over all the unanswered questions that go into Foreigner season 6 or rewatch some of the show’s most romantic moments on repeat.

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Another way for fans to entertain themselves before Season 6 airs is to have a good laugh at the hilarious character art that viewers have done and inside jokes within the fan base – and there are some very talented artists there!


“A friend asked me!”

No one knew how to push Jamie’s buttons the way Black Jack Randall did – and no doubt he’d have a chuckle imagining Jamie getting upset about a social media friend request . Some Redditors unpopularly believe that Jamie made mistakes and definitely acted impulsively in Paris.

It’s completely understandable that Jamie is so nervous around Randall. After all, he sexually assaulted and tortured him for days. But, in the spirit of shedding light on a grim situation, after Jamie promised Claire he would leave Randall alone, he was just looking for a reason to break his promise. Also, sending a friend request as a power move is totally something Randall would do.

“Is it a bedbug? »

fan art of Claire Fraser's inner thoughts on the wedding night on Outlander

Sometimes fans wish they could make Claire reflect on life in the 1700s and all the 20th-century luxuries she probably missed, like shampoo, washing machines, or bug spray.

This fan art posted on the Outlander homepage perfectly matches the energy of the show’s wedding night scene: Jamie chatting happily about her family and her life and Claire wondering roughly what she’s doing there and how likely it is. that there are bed bugs in the 18th century country inn.

Randall’s Trap

Reimagining movie posters with different characters and storylines takes real artistry and creativity, and artist girlfrog did just that with a Foreigner and The parent trap to crush.

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It’s a perfect combination, considering Lindsay Lohan and Tobias Menzies play two different and related characters in their respective stories. The added reference to “200 year old twins” as a reference to the 200 year old baby also gets a lot of laughs.

“I will never leave you!”

Funny Outlander Stones Greeting Card

Another way for artists who are fans of Foreigner showing their love for the series is by creating adorable and fun products on Etsy to sell to other fans. This one, in particular, is from the shop JenGreneIllustration and is a perfect card for a superfan with a good sense of humor.

Not only is the card really well done, but the quote on the cover is hilarious. Many fans had to promise their partner that they wouldn’t choose to seek out James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser if they had the chance to travel through the stones – although who’s to say what would happen if that were to come true?

“My wig is better than yours.”

The tension between Claire and John Gray is quite palpable in their scenes together. Even though the Lord is an understated hero on the show, Claire feels his affection for Jamie and feels the need to assert her dominance as a wife.

On the show, it’s a lot sweeter and a lot less comedic, but this exchange of the two bickering over who loves Jamie more will make any fan laugh. It also points out a lot of similarities between the two, such as each raising one of Jamie’s children. Plus, the little wig joke is a perfect nod to fans pointing out the weird hairlines on wigs in the show’s US seasons.

“It’s just a bikini, shit!”

Artist Laura Ewing Ferrer strikes again with another fun non-canon storyline based on the series. Viewers – and Claire – couldn’t help but laugh when Jamie reacted to a photo of Brianna wearing a bikini on the beach. Jamie has made some questionable parenting decisions, but he has no idea how to handle the culture shock of the 1970s.

After all, if an 18th century man saw a practically naked woman on the beach, he would have colluded. The reaction would be even worse if the woman in question was their daughter. But Brianna’s jaded reaction and raised eyebrow at Jamie’s outrage are very much in her character.

“A scotch on the rocks.”

Outlander decoration with Jamie Fraser

If a Foreigner fan feels particularly festive, he can decorate his tree with funky and fun fan art. The Etsy Shop GiftGoddessCo has everyone covered. With a beautiful image of Jamie, the festive season can now be full of Highlander spirit.

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The ornament also doubles as an awesome pun, referencing the cocktail “a scotch on the rocks” and showing Jamie with his foot on a rock. It’s just the kind of joke to make a Jamie lover laugh and blush.

“Let’s go save someone!”

face mask with Jamie and Claire Fraser in Chibi art style

Who said staying safe during a pandemic couldn’t also be fun? As face masks are still recommended for optimal reduction of the spread of COVID-19, people may want to express themselves and show their interests.

This adorable Chibi-style mask of Claire training Jamie to “go save someone!” is not only quite in character, but also fits the purpose of a mask. Claire would no doubt support mask-wearing and would likely be on the front lines of volunteering to vaccinate.

Top 10 reasons to love Outlander

Top 10 Reasons to Love the Outlander Mug

Watching the Season 3 reunion episode for the hundredth time, a Foreigner the lover may want to sip coffee, tea or whiskey – and this is the perfect mug to do just that. It features beautiful illustrations, including sketches of the beloved soulmates themselves, Jamie and Claire.

This mug and a bookmark that has the same design are both available from an Etsy shop for the seller blind design. The wealth of Foreigner and other fandom merchandise on Etsy is fantastic, and it’s a great way to support small businesses while bringing back fan-favorite shows and franchises.

A screaming Adso

Drawing of Jamie and Adso from Outlander

Occasionally, the show’s stars share special behind-the-scenes photos on their respective social media pages. When the cast was filming Season 4, Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie, and the companion star playing Adso, the Fraser family’s kitten.

Recreating an Instagram photo is not always funny, but the fact that the artist, Karen L Robarge, chose the photo Heughan posted in which Adso meows aggressively at the camera, ended up being quite comedic. Cats can have major personalities, and little Adso is no different.

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