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13 Flower Nail Art Designs For Your Spring Mani Inspo

If you’ve already gone winter and are looking for a way to get into the spirit of spring, consider adding some floral nail art to your next manicure. Los Angeles-based artist Chelsea King says her clients love floral nails because of their versatility — there really are unending ways to reference flowering plants at your fingertips.

The king’s opinion? “Floral designs are the epitome of spring nail art, but they always evolve from year to year in new and exciting ways,” she told Bustle. While it’s hard to think of spring without imagining flowers, the beauty of floral nail art is that it works 365 days a year. King says flowers can create a lovely transitional design from season to season, and changing the colors can completely change the mood.

As the hot season draws closer, King predicts that a few particular floral-accented manicures will dominate your social media feed. “I think this year floral nail art is a bit more streamlined compared to other years,” she says. “I see a lot of designs where you just have a few flowers on the nail, or a monochrome color scheme, or with more greenery instead of flowers.” You can try the trend by going simple and neutral, bright and colorful, or get creative with 3D accents.

If you like DIY, you will only need one tool at your fingertips. “Beginners can use dotting tools or a bobby pin to place small, flower-shaped dots,” King recommends. Or, of course, you can always go to your favorite salon for an intricate design.

With that in mind, keep scrolling for 13 flower nail art designs that are sure to inspire your next manicure.


Metallic sweeps

Add a metallic touch to an almond-shaped manicure studded with tiny flowers. This one features tan stripes that wrap around single daisies.


delicate daisies

A bright pink ensemble like this is the perfect way to transition into spring. All you need is to paint a few accent nails with simple daisies on a light background.


Graphic designs

For a more artistic look, a mani like this references flowers using graphic lines, blackened petals and neon polish touches.


Sparkling Petals

Sparkling iridescent blooms like these will catch the light for a super fun look at me moment. Although it has a clear base, the sparkle gives that eye-catching accent.


Cherry blossoms

While daisies and roses tend to steal the show in floral nail art, cherry blossoms also make a beautiful botanical design.


Romantic Red

If scarlet polish wasn’t romantic enough, the petals that double as hearts in this set definitely bring this look home.


Inspired by the 70s

Funkadelic flowers are popping up everywhere. Opt for multicolored florals for an oh-so-groovy ensemble.


Neon & Psychedelic

This mani ups the ante on ’70s-inspired flowers with its vibrant colors and rounded petals, both of which give it a tropical vibe.



Pearlcore nails have also been all the rage lately. Combine this trend with flowers in a mani like this for a very trendy look.


Abstract petals

The abstract blue petals on these square tips prove that you can do floral nail art in a less obvious way. Simply pair a glossy polish shade of your choice with a neutral milky base.


3D flowers

Bring your floral art to life by adding real rhinestone studded flowers to your nail beds for a peachy 3D mani.


sweet roses

Rather than opting for a traditional red rose, opt for a manicure like this that features swirling white rose petals that reference the flower in a more subtle way.



Add polka dots to daisy accent nails for a delicate and whimsical manicure.