Art style

Among Us, the developer teases a new art style and bigger lobbies in a future update

Among Us, an updated art style, bigger lobbies, and more new features. According to post on the game’s page, the team is currently developing a new art style for the game. Don’t worry though, as Innersloth has reassured fans that “it’s not too different from what you’re used to” and that it will only […]

Art media

Why use pastel, part 14

Thoughts on Various Art Media: Why Use Pastel, Part 14 Summary from DaVinci to Holbein Some time ago we began an exploration of two-dimensional art media – oil, acrylic, watercolor, and a lengthy study of lesser-known pastel media. It was set aside to explore “An Artist’s Life”. Now let’s go ahead and start with a […]

Art appreciation

Parkinson’s disease changes the way art is perceived

Art appreciation is considered essential to the human experience. Although the taste for art varies depending on the individual, cognitive neuroscience can provide clues to how the visualization of art affects our neural systems and assess how these systems inform our evaluation of art. For example, a study shows that looking at art activates motor […]

Art style

Konami’s new metroidvania roguelike has incredible art style

Konami unveiled GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon at Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase last night. It’s a roguelike 2D hack-and-slasher, and an unlikely sequel to GetsuFumaDen, a 1987 Japanese-only Famicom game. Plus, it sports that traditional Japanese art style that I can’t get enough of.

Art style

Disco Elysium’s art style is something special – GameSpew

Put yourself in the shoes of an alcoholic police detective who doesn’t even know who he is anymore, Disco Elysee is not your typical RPG. In fact, chances are you’ve never played anything like it. ZA/UM’s masterpiece, originally released on PC in 2019 and now available on console as The Final Cut, instantly grabs you […]