Art style

Byte Barrel discusses the comic book art style of forgive me my dad and influences from the retro shooter

Fans of retro shooters, graphic novels, and the extended Lovecraft mythos should keep an eye out for Byte Barrel’s Forgive me father when it hits Steam Early Access in October. The retro FPS genre still features elements of visual and mechanical nostalgia, updated with modern tools and techniques. Forgive me father wears its old-school influences […]

Art media

Thoughts on various artistic mediums, why use pastel, part 20

Mary Cassatt – Towards Impressionism Some time ago we started an exploration of two-dimensional artistic media and focused on the lesser-known medium of pastel. Currently, a look at a second famous female pastellist – Mary Cassatt (Rosalba Carriera of Venice which has already been discussed at length was the first.) The origins of pastels go […]

Art style

The artistic style of What If …? aims to make the characters “feel monumental and powerful”

Ryan Meinerding has spent much of the past 15 years bringing some of the world’s most iconic superheroes to life. After starting as an illustrator on the original Iron Man, he rose through the ranks to the head of visual development at Marvel Studios and has spent over a decade figuring out how to incorporate […]