Art style

Awesome fan art shows mass effect characters in Hollow Knight art style

Franchise X meets Franchise Y has long been a mainstay of fan art and fan fiction. Sometimes the connection is obvious, while others require a little more creativity to form. Mass Effect and Hollow Knight certainly resemble the latter category, one being an AAA shooter and the other a 2D indie platformer. However, at least […]

Art style

The GTA Trilogy remaster’s wacky art style is good, actually

Rockstar gave us a first look at the upcoming Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Collection, and it showcases the enormous amount of work that has gone into improving the visuals of the games. With a remaster, you never really know if you’ll get an upgraded version of an older game or a […]

Art style

DC tries out anime art style with ‘Catwoman: Hunted’ trailer

The recent 2021 DC Fandome has given fans something to get excited about with the release of updates and trailers for most of DC’s media, especially for The Batman with Robert Pattinson, Black adam with the rock, and Peacekeeper with John Cena. With all the hype that accompanies big DC movie announcements, there are hidden […]

Art style

Jack Kirby evolves as comic book artists defend his art style

Jack Kirby is all the rage, but probably not for the best reasons. Several comic book artists and other creators have come up for the legend after a small number of fans said Kirby’s art was “bad.” While this claim is fundamentally wrong, it hasn’t stopped social media from getting pissed off. guardians of the […]

Art appreciation

Palacio de Memoria boosts appreciation for art with outdoor flea market – Manila bulletin

The arts and culture sector in the Philippines has remained steadfast in its efforts to enhance public awareness and appreciation for the beauty and heritage of our country despite the pandemic. In a cohesive display of resilience, various art and culture providers have started to diversify their agendas to keep up with the times – […]