Art appreciation

2022 Nature Coast Art League Scholarship Recipient

Like many kids, Spring Hill’s Sergio Valle had an early enthusiasm for superheroes and video games. Today, this Springstead High School graduate is poised to join the ranks of those creating the living fantasy art that fills and defines these creative endeavors.

Valle recently won a $1,000 scholarship from the Nature Coast Art League. And it won a second place at the Hernando County Fine Arts Council’s “Art in the Park 2022” student art fair. After graduating from Springstead High, he will attend Full Sail University in Winter Park to prepare for a career in the art of video games.

“I’ve been doing art since elementary school. I started in the first year,” Sergio said. Sergio was inspired by subjects and muses loved by young people. “I loved looking at superhero drawings,” he said. “Then I started doing my own drawings of these characters.”

Valle’s media of choice include pen, inks, alcohol markers, digital art and paint. He attended an art club in Springstead, as well as a manga appreciation club. And he excelled as an AP art student under Professor Nicholas Stenstrom, the same instructor who recommended the young artist for the NCAL scholarship.

“Sergio provided us with his GPA, a high recommendation from his art teacher, Mr. Stenstrom at Springstead High School, samples of his artwork, and an essay about his passion for the arts,” said Linda Graves, President from Nature Coast. Arts League. “The scholarship committee was very impressed with the way he presented himself.”

This follows Valle’s red ribbon win at the “Art in the Park 2022 Student Art Show” for an exhibit centered around the portrait of a favorite rapper. “It’s a portrait of rapper Dax, inspired by his song Gotham,” Valle explained. “He sings about social media issues, and the title reference (Batman’s story setting) also ties into the superhero theme.”

Valle is thrilled with both accolades. Her love of art only grew over the years. He shared, “I spend at least 10 hours a week drawing. I try all kinds of stuff, portrayals of actors and superheroes, fantasy stuff.

He finds the creative process to be both enjoyable and stimulating. “It’s relaxing, but frustrating at the same time,” he said. “It’s always trial and error and I’m always trying to improve myself, to make my art better.” And as he plans to embark on the pursuit of an art degree at Full Sail, Sergio Valle plans to turn his life’s passion into a career. “I can draw all day, I just get lost,” he said.