Art appreciation

An Introduction to Appreciating the Art of Jonathan Jones | Guardian masterclasses

Art. It’s all around us, in the news and on the cultural agenda, but when you go to a gallery, do you really enjoy the latest supposedly important exhibition or does it overwhelm you?

Everyone sometimes has this experience. I know I do, and looking at art is my passion as well as my job. Because art is not immediately understandable or simple. Enjoying it is, one might say, an art in itself.

The Guardian’s art appreciation masterclasses are all about having fun looking at art. I hope they provide the expert knowledge that will enhance the enjoyment and understanding of art, from Ice Age cave paintings to digital age experimental art.

In a way, the most important thing we will teach is just the idea that art should really be appreciated. We are always told that it is serious, or disturbing, or disturbing. Yet, in reality, a visit to a large gallery (even virtually!) The insecurity, the feeling of not being equipped in one way or another to view certain types of art and simply not being accustomed to the calm and contemplation of a museum can all hamper this incredible pleasure.

Guardian art critic Jonathan Jones. Photograph: Linda Nylind / The Guardian

These art appreciation masterclasses will provide a toolbox of knowledge, secrets of the critical trade, and viewing habits that I hope will dramatically improve each participant’s relationship with the vast world of art. art. Whether you feel lost in a gallery or are very at home there but want to deepen or refresh your perceptions, these courses are for you. They are intended both to stimulate and to inform.

Let’s open our eyes together.

Join Jonathan for a virtual artistic tour: