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Eaton Fine Art (EFA), an Austin-based full-service art consulting firm, presents its art curation for the Park Hyatt Aviara Resort, Golf Club & Spa, an iconic Forbes Five-Star, AAA Five Diamond hotel at Carlsbad, CA, which reopened in October 2020 after a major renovation. This spa and golf getaway offers 327 newly redesigned rooms and suites with world-class recreation and relaxation amidst 200 acres of lush natural beauty overlooking the Batiquitos Lagoon, one of the few remaining tidal wetlands on the southern California coast.

California-based architecture firm WATG and its interior design studio, Wimberly Interiors, have reimagined this estate-style resort with a transformative design, tailored to each element of the famed property. The design team, led by Senior Partner Erin Nichols, was inspired by the resort’s beautiful natural landscape – verdant hills and valleys, lagoons, lush trails, abundant wildlife and breathtaking views on the ocean – for the hotel, including its lobby experience, outdoor spaces, restaurants and bars, bedrooms, grand ballroom and meeting space.

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A key element of the design was the curation of artwork featured throughout the property that speaks to the resort’s design. Wimberly Interiors collaborated with Austin-based art consultancy Eaton Fine Art to curate an art collection that further connects guests to nature and immerses them in the cultural heritage of the location. Selected artists hail from Carlsbad, Oceanside, San Diego, Los Angeles, as well as other parts of California and across the country.

Led by Gwendolyn Mesa, Projects Director, Eaton Fine Art was tasked with assembling a collection of modern art for the resort’s courtyard, guest rooms, lobby, specialty restaurant, and meeting and event spaces.

“[The artists’] the work conveys a sense of beauty that was inspired by the resort’s stunning natural landscape,” Mesa said. “For example, the bedrooms have a custom sculpture above the headboard that evokes the birds of the local Batiquitos lagoon. There are many sculptures and paintings throughout the property which also provide the soothing feeling of water as well as the quiet beauty of flowering plants or birds in flight.”

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When curating the art program at Park Hyatt Aviara, the Eaton Fine Art team wanted each piece to have a subtle yet thoughtful connection to the resort’s surroundings and its local birds and wildlife.

“It’s important that the curated art collection provides a visual relationship with nature, especially for a resort surrounded by such natural beauty as guests find at Park Hyatt Aviara Resort, Golf Club & Spa,” Terry said. Eaton, President. / Chief Curator, Eaton Fine Art. “Biophilic design elements include the use of natural materials and forms as well as views that capitalize on the surrounding environment. The artwork also reflects this nature.

The collaboration between Wimberly Interiors and Eaton Fine Art has led to the creation of modern, abstract bronze wall art for each bedroom, which abstractly references the majestic Great Blue Heron soaring in flight. This modern artwork, which features sophisticated references to the gentle curves of this majestic bird, along with paintings that replicate the pattern of native lagoon plants in sophisticated brushstrokes, creates an authentic escape from everyday life.

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“The Park Hyatt Aviara Resort has many native California plants, blooming flowers and tall trees, as well as the Batiquitos Lagoon. We wanted to bring those characteristics into the buildings with a conscious and curated art collection,” Eaton said.

Eaton Fine Art has collaborated with a number of Californian artists to curate remarkable works of art that not only create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in public spaces, but give guests the opportunity to further explore the beauty of the lagoon. surrounding. Some pieces feature abstract views of ripples and flowing water, while others reference the elegant curve of a wader’s neck or the suggestion of its wing as it takes flight. A variety of mediums and textures are included in the curated program, to add interest and sophistication to the collection.

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“The connection to nature found with the three-dimensional and two-dimensional art curated throughout the property engages guests and encourages travelers to enjoy the beauty outdoors,” Eaton said. “Biophilically inspired art also enhances hotel employees’ understanding of how art can connect with the natural beauty surrounding their property.”

Highlights include a wire mesh wall sculpture, located behind the concierge desk in the lobby, which welcomes visitors with a unique composition and shapes that reference water drops and water lilies, which l commonly seen in the nearby lagoon. Located across from the lobby reception and concierge is the Art Gallery, which houses a large-scale painting commissioned by a local artist that features brushstrokes of colors associated with the lagoon such as blue, turquoise and sand. Another highlight of the public space includes a free-standing sculpture, located at the entrance to the ballrooms and meeting spaces. Crafted of dark walnut wood, the sculpture unexpectedly takes on the shape and curvature of a great blue heron’s wing, soaring seven feet. raised on a stone plinth.

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Despite the many challenges associated with the global pandemic in 2020, Eaton Fine Art engineered solutions that ensured artwork was delivered on time and adhered to appropriate security measures. The team worked closely with selected artists and artisans to ensure safe delivery of art materials and supplies for public spaces, ahead of the scheduled opening date.

The carefully curated artwork achieves a refined, elevated, and elegant aesthetic in guest rooms and public areas, which owner Xenia Hotels & Resorts Inc. wanted for the Park Hyatt Aviara Resort, Golf Club & Spa. The result is an updated resort with a sleek, radically modernized design with a distinctly residential experience for guests.