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Art Journal: Blurring the Hard Lines of Mediums in the Name of Creativity

Paintings, sculptures, graphics and drawings come together under one roof with artists from across the country showcasing their works in the capital. Wandering the aisles of the gallery, lingering over new ideas and soaking up the culture, art lovers will be in for a treat at the 93rd and 94th Annual All India Art Exhibitions where 237 artists are on display.

Experimenting with different styles over his two-decade career, Delhi-based artist Joyattam Dutta Roy, whose painting is on display in the exhibition, says, “Oil on canvas rubbed with sandpaper discarded acrylic with a blade adding layers of epoxy resin and later abstracted photography, be it any art, I believe it shouldn’t be limited to a canvas. So I started toying with the idea of ​​bringing my art to life through augmented reality; what I now like to call a living landscape. Once refined, I submitted my physical work combined with a three-dimensional audio-video project for this show.

Drawing by Avneet Chawla titled Lino Opus-VI.

“I want to spread happiness through my work,” says Avneet Chawla, another Delhi-based artist. Among the list of 42 artists, she was awarded for her drawing, Lino Opus-VI. For Chawla, art should reflect happiness, not only for the one holding the brush but also for the viewer. She uses graphite on paper and explains, “You can see a lot of structures in my work as well as dots that represent happiness in the architectural forest that you find in a city. I found inspiration for this technique in Australian Aboriginal art. Over the years, however, I’ve personalized the style and given it a three-dimensional angle. The difference in size, color, texture and dimension can be observed.

For Jitendra Prajapati, a young sculptor, art is a way to raise awareness for environmental education with ecological principles. “The kind of environment around me has always been my inspiration,” says Prajapati, who is from Uttar Pradesh. One of the artworks he is exhibiting at the show shows how forests are converted into concrete jungles, and he opines: “Rapid deforestation has led to habitat damage and loss of biodiversity, threatening the survival of many species. Thus, my work features a human face devouring animals.

A sculpture by Jitendra Prajapati.

“Out of 734 applications, our panelist selected 237 artists to present their works, 46 of them were even recognized for their excellence in the field of art”, informs Mukesh Kumar Tank, exhibition assistant at the All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society (AIFACS). “We were unable to organize the annual exhibition last year, which is why we have merged the 93rd and 94th editions this year. However, the number of entries was lower than we expected as many were still skeptical due to the pandemic when we started working on the show in December last year.

Catch it live

What: Annual All India Art Exhibition

Where: AIFACS, Rafi Marg

Until: April 13

Hours: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Nearest metro station: Central Secretariat on the yellow and purple lines

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