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Autistic artist Kanye dazzles at New York art show


Yinka Olatunbosun

Kanyeyachukwu Okeke, affectionately known as Kanye, was among the list of prestigious artists from around the world exhibiting their works at the prestigious New York Art Exhibition. The show, which took place in the popular Pier 36 Van Gogh auditorium in New York City, ran for four days last week. Artists from around the world, the majority of whom are based in states in North and South America, presented their works for art lovers to view and collect.

Kanyeyachukwu’s presence and participation sparked huge excitement at the event, as not only was he the youngest artist to showcase work here, but he also struggles with autism.

Through his abstract paintings, Kanye has demonstrated over the years that children living with autism can make a difference in the world when they are given the right support.

Thanks to the support Kanyeyachukwu received from friends, family and institutions etc. His works have graced various galleries in Africa, Europe, and now North America, garnering praise from his admirers.

The event’s organizers, the Redwood Media Group in the US, praised Kanyeyachukwu. “He’s one of the most creative kids they’ve ever seen, especially in Africa. His artwork is world class and his features are well mastered. He will go far in the art world.
Kanyeyachukwu, along with his parents and family, received a welcome welcome from the President of UNICEF who, on behalf of the organization, received one of the artist’s paintings, a donation titled “Unity Basket” to help raise awareness of the scourge of autism and the KAS Artist Foundation’s “No Child Left Behind” campaign.

Maybe the highlight of this reception was when Kanyeyachukwu asked for painting supplies, started and produced a painting right there in the conference room and presented it to the president of UNICEF as a personal gift. to the amazement of all present.

The Permanent Representative of Nigeria to the United Nations (UN), Professor Muhammed Tijani-Bande, who joined the President of UNICEF to receive the artist and his entourage, declared: “It is a young man who has produces magnificent works, despite what appears to be a handicap. , and he’s shown that with the right education and support, any child can do it. “

It was a shower of praise and praise, starting with Consul General Amb Benayagha Bernard Mese Okoyen. He spoke enthusiastically of Kanye referring to autism and children with special needs as one of the issues they see every day and how they take these issues into account when planning for. their working days.

Kanye’s grandfather, Chief Simon Okeke, who paid a heartfelt tribute to his grandson and to Consul Natalia Adanu, Head of Consulate Administration, also spoke at the unveiling of “the abundance ”at the Nigeria House.

Her story has proven that with love and care, children with special needs or other potentially limiting conditions are always important and an integral part of all of us. They can help improve society.