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Awesome fan art shows mass effect characters in Hollow Knight art style

Franchise X meets Franchise Y has long been a mainstay of fan art and fan fiction. Sometimes the connection is obvious, while others require a little more creativity to form. Mass Effect and Hollow Knight certainly resemble the latter category, one being an AAA shooter and the other a 2D indie platformer. However, at least one artist has found a way to make it work.

Fan artist leafjuly took to Twitter to share his take on how some Mass Effect the characters would look into the insectoid world of Hollow Knight. Another user then uploaded the image to the Mass Effect subreddit, although the moderators later deleted the post.


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Fan art shows 22 different versions of Hollow Knight Mass Effect characters. Leafjuly drew all of the original trilogy band members plus a collector of Mass effect 2. The coin also includes several versions of Commander Shepard and Saren, for a total of 25 Hollow Knight-drawing of inspired characters.

Most are fairly recognizable, although a few can take a minute to click. From left to right, the first row contains Female Shepard, Garrus, Tali, Wrex and Liara. Ashley, Kaidan, and three versions of Saren make up the second row with Thane, Grunt, Legion, Mordin, and Samara in the third. Meanwhile, Male Shepard, Jack, Miranda, Jacob, Zaeed and Kasumi occupy the fourth row, and Javik, a collector, James and EDI filling the bottom.

Notably, leafjuly depicted Jack’s shaved head and Zaeed’s scars as a missing or damaged antenna. Miranda’s insect version of Mass effect 2 and Mass effect 3 also has unique antennae, which may refer to its extensive genetic alterations. The artist also extended Asari’s “head tentacles” all over their body. This ironically makes the very humanoids Liara and Samara the most inhuman characters in the play. Yet the artist’s interpretation arguably sells the idea of ​​a psychically gifted ancient alien race more than the Mass Effect versions.

Mordin also makes sense as a dragonfly, and Wrex and Grunt fit in perfectly as beetles. The appearance of Mass Effect The mainstay of fanart, Tali, is as expected masked under a purple cloak. However, the artist portrayed his Chatika attack drone as a little firefly or perhaps a bee. Speaking of flying insects, the artist represents the Turians as wasps or hornets, which undoubtedly corresponds to their warrior culture. Garrus also traded his rifle for a bow. Meanwhile, leafjuly drew Saren in his pre-indoctrination, post-indoctrination, and undead cyborg forms.

Notably, three characters have changed very little in switching from one art style to another. Javik and the collector were already essentially bugs, so it makes sense that they are essentially alike. However, Mass Effect 3 The Android EDI companion always looks more like a humanoid robot than a humanoid robot ant. It seems that the artist chose to represent her hair as mandibles or antennae swept downwards, but the effect is not pronounced enough for this to be clear.

Yet this is hardly a review and does not detract from the quality of the piece and the artist is clearly a talented and creative person. The artwork is almost enough to make a wish for an official Mass Effect-Hollow Knight crossing.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Hollow Knight is available on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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