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Best Indie Game Coverage

While no one should just a book or game by its cover, cover is incredibly important to grab players’ attention. Some franchises stick to what they know, like animal crossing, Halo and Call of Dutyhaving similar art for each game. And when looking at larger titles, many have the same concept of what to display on the front screen. indie gameshowever, have always been diverse in their art style and what to show as a first impression.

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Whether it’s point-and-click, RPG, adventure, or farming simulator, indie games have blessed the gaming industry with interesting stories, creative art styles, and fantastic mechanics that have shaped the genre. . There are also several indie games with amazing covers that amaze fans, but which are the best?


5 fire watch

This adventure game was developed by Campo Santo and released in 2016. Set in Wyoming, players are in a tower to watch out for any smoke that could be a potential fire. There is a radio that players can use to talk to their supervisor, the woman named Delilah. Since this is an adventure, players eventually find something strange and leave the tower and explore the wilderness, where choices can be made.

fire watch is a well-known indie game that has a twist at the end that draws some players in or out of the game. No matter what the game’s content has to offer, the cover art is a unique and beautiful reference to what the game looks like inside. From the beautiful orange and red hue, showcasing Henry, the main character, pacing the grounds, it’s no surprise that the dive into the game looks as good as the cover.

4 Ori and the blind forest

Who doesn’t love fluffy and soft creatures? And who doesn’t love the idea of ​​playing together? This platform-adventure game was developed by Moon Studios and released in 2015. The forest is dying after a mighty storm, and players must control this adorable creature to figure out how to save its home, which could mean face a dark and dangerous enemy. .

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Ori and the blind forest Not only does it tell an exciting adventure story, it is also beautifully hand painted. The cover correctly describes what awaits players who want to immerse themselves in this incredible story to help the poor orphan save his home.

3 Rain World

Developed by Adult Swim Games and released in 2018, this survival platformer brings out a charming art style for the indie game genre. Playing as a slugcat, players have to go through dangerous areas to find food and survive, however, it’s not that easy. There are several enemies that could find the slugcat as a meal. Sneaking through areas, players not only run past enemies, but snatch their dinner.

Rain World has a vast world to explore inspired by classic 16-bit games. The art style is similar to that of the cover, with intense colors that vary depending on the configuration of the room. From dark rooms with a red accent of trees, to light orange and yellow backgrounds with beautiful purple decorations. The game looks beautiful with amazing color combinations and animations.

2 hollow knight

Another popular indie game that needs to be on the list. The art design is well known and any fan who has played this game can identify the game from a mile away. Developed by Team Cherry and released in 2017, this action-adventure game is a stunning piece of work. Play as an adorable knight who must explore the depths of a forgotten kingdom. Unravel the mysteries and vanquish the evils that creep underground.

hollow knight not only has a wonderful story, but the art style is impeccable. Animation and beauty and colors are moody and vivid, creating a beautiful work of art with each area. Any action-adventure fan who loves the idea of ​​lovable creatures and beautiful colors shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to explore this story.

1 night in the woods

Published in 2017 and developed by Infinite Fall, this adventure game is as scary as it is beautiful. Players will control Mae, a college dropout returning home to Possum Springs, a mining town. Upon arrival, players will begin to learn about Mae’s background and her relationship with the townspeople. Not only is the main character a mystery for players to solve, but the town itself has a terrible secret.

night in the woods is filled to the brim with story and character development, and the art style is incredibly unique. The vibrant colors are striking and the character designs are adorable and eye-catching, with smooth animations that make players want to stand in an area for a few minutes to take it all in. The cover art tells it all with the background and the grainy effect, showcasing the beautiful art style.

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