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BMW and Jeff Koons Create Limited-Edition 8-Series Art Car

BMW has a long history of using famous and popular artists to customize their cars, often race cars. This time, the company collaborated with American artist Jeff Koons, who created a special livery not for a racing car, but for a limited series of BMW 8 Series Gran Coupes called The 8 X Jeff Koons.

According to BMW and Koons, blue represents “the vastness of space” and how the 8 Series is a “product available worldwide”. The dotted lines refer to a 2010 E92 M3 GT2 art car also made by Koons, the comic-style decals on the sides “symbolize the power and speed of the vehicle”. The decals also match perfectly with the bright red and blue leather interior which is apparently inspired by superheroes. Whether Koons is a Spider-Man or Superman fan has not been clarified by BMW. BMW noted that it takes 11 steps to finish painting the car, and it will only finish two cars per week.

Only 99 copies of the Koons 8 series will be offered worldwide. In the US, it will only be available in M850i ​​xDrive configuration for a price of $350,995, more than three times the price of a base M850i ​​xDrive. An example that will be on display April 1-4 at Rockefeller Plaza will be auctioned by Christie’s. It will undoubtedly go for more money, but all proceeds will go to the International Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

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