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Byte Barrel discusses the comic book art style of forgive me my dad and influences from the retro shooter

Fans of retro shooters, graphic novels, and the extended Lovecraft mythos should keep an eye out for Byte Barrel’s Forgive me father when it hits Steam Early Access in October. The retro FPS genre still features elements of visual and mechanical nostalgia, updated with modern tools and techniques. Forgive me father wears its old-school influences on its sleeve, with 2D sprites in the same vein as Wolfenstein, LOSS, and Marathon, while using an arsenal of conventional weapons. However, the blood-soaked shooter offers more than just a trip down memory lane.

Game Rant spoke to Bye Barrel, discussing the unique new features Forgive me father brings to the retro FPS genre. In addition to its art style, Lovecraftian themes, and mix of modern and classic influences, the game features a damage-increasing madness system that allows players to enter a boosted berserker state by degrading health. mental character. Other notable additions include an extensive arsenal with several upgrades, some of which alter weapon mechanics. Still, the first thing many gamers will notice is the game’s distinctive visual style.


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A 2D universe with depth

forgive me father cross weapon

Forgive me father isn’t the first shooter to boast a comic book style, nor the first game to combine high-resolution 2D sprites with the works of HP Lovecraft. Darkest Dungeon features a grueling medieval RPG dungeon crawler with Lovecraftian elements and the cult shooter GameCube XIII, which recently received a rough remake, has proven that shooters can blend well with comic book visuals. The inspiration for Byte Barrel was simple, as there was a team-wide appreciation for the comic.

“We didn’t want to pretend that our flat sprites are three-dimensional objects, and in a way put the emphasis on that specific flat frame. Inspired and lover of comics, we wanted every screenshot of the game looks like a comic book, and we want players to feel like we’re evolving in a graphic novel. ”

Building on an apparent limitation with a 2D graphical presentation alongside an aesthetic embedded in 2D source material like comics, Forgive me fatherthe world seems cohesive. Lovecraftian enemy sprites rush towards the player with terrifying vitality, and the images released so far suggest a mechanically simple title with surprising artistic depth.

Inspiration to save

forgive me father enemies

As mentioned before, seeing 2D sprites in a 3D world is immediately reminiscent of classic shooter games that predated detailed 3D modeling. LOSS is probably the most iconic, but Bungie’s early releases in the Marathon series also come to mind, just like Wolfenstein.

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Byte Barrel recognizes that his list of inspirations “could be very long” and is filled with “amazing and awesome games”. But the developer was quick to cite several recent titles as direct influences on Forgive me father too much.

“If I had to name a few, I think we should mention games like Void Bastards, which brings comic book style to electronic entertainment, the incredible BioShock, and also some other cool retro titles such as Dusk Where Project Warlock which we really like. ”

Nostalgia for a specific era of the game is a valid impetus to create a retro title, but if a developer wants a game to become timeless in its own right, they must be aware of recent innovations. This is especially true of Forgive me father, because October 2021 is set to be a great month for shooting fans. Thanks to the combination of classic sprites and in-game comics, he can have what it takes to emerge from the crowded terrain as a dark horse classic.

Stylistic synergy

forgive me father headshot

Classic games, movies, and media in general typically exhibit a synergy on several levels, where the mechanics align with the graphics and storytelling to create a truly unique experience. Merging comic book visuals with a conscious retro shooter seems like the recipe for success. As for the mechanics, the game’s madness system fits perfectly for a Lovecraftian narrative. This conceptual alignment means that the elements of the game multiply, resulting in an experience that could be greater than the sum of its parts.

It is always possible that Forgive me father Stumbles, but with an Early Access released set to capitalize on player feedback next month and such a strong concept formula, the stars for Byte Barrel appear to be lining up.

Forgive me father is currently in development for PC, with an Early Access release slated for October 28, 2021.

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