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Campari and Belcanto launch campaign to defend global brains in art, music and bar

Campari has a long tradition of collaborating with creative minds and emerging artists.

Since the end of the 19th century, the Italian brand has not only inspired the passion of bartenders around the world to create iconic masterpieces at the forefront of cocktail culture, such as the Negroni, but also through the art and creativity, inspiring artists and musicians.

To commemorate this legacy, Campari has teamed up with Belcanto’s five-time award-winning head bartender of the World’s 50 Best Bars, Mikhail Melnik, to create a special collection of Negroni cocktails inspired by two female powerhouses in the world of art and design. music – Kristel Bechara and Yana Mann.

The Negroni is to this decade what the cosmopolitan was to the 90s – a zeitgeist-defining cocktail that is as beloved as it is ubiquitous. And with Mikhail’s bar genius and natural talent for combining different ingredients, drink lovers are in for a series of imaginative twists at the classic Negroni. A must-try is the “Victorian Crochet”, a concoction inspired by Kristel Bechara’s artwork of the same nickname, made with a jasmine infused appetizer, Campari and sparkling wine – it’s a bittersweet combination notes of herbs and flowers. “I Care If You Listen” is opera singer Yana Mann’s favorite quote and this cocktail is a lovely blend of Mediterranean gin, campari, oyster infused white aperitif, pastis and salt.

Belcanto’s head bartender, Mikhail Melnik, says, “Kristel’s artwork is very colorful and playful, but has so much depth and meaning. I wanted to create a drink that pays homage to his creative process. The Victorian crochet style of knitting came from the Victorian era, at the same time as the industrial revolution happened in Europe. In the bittersweet drink you can find sweet floral notes like in Kristel’s work. I also used steel wool as a garnish on the cocktail in reference to the Victorian era. Yana has a very tough exterior and an edgy look, but when she sings, it’s as if the gates of heaven are opening to a thousand angels singing in chorus. I wanted to encapsulate that feeling and contrast through this wonderful concoction. When I hear this line, “I Care If You Listen”, I am immediately transported to the seaside with a light breeze and a salty aftertaste on my lips. This drink is a riff on the classic Negroni with hints of sea salt. You can find salty and umami tastes based on the bittersweet profile of the drink.

He adds, “Although music and art are sacred forms of human expression, I believe there is also an art and a symphony in the bartender. In the same way, a glass is the canvas of a mixologist and the liquid is his medium. I am delighted to showcase the extensive talent and knowledge our bar team has to offer to every Belcanto guest.

Kristel Bechara is the first female NFT artist from the Middle East. Born in Lebanon and based in Dubai, she is one of the pioneers in the region to adopt NFT technology to launch her newest series, Beauty in DeFi. Recognized for its dynamic patterns and expressive colors, her work consists of the revolutionary creation of photographic images using oil, acrylic and giclée printing mediums to depict complex emotions and also portray the condition. human. His artistic process involves creating stencil-like designs that are combined with lines of modern mixed media to form fantastical multi-layered paintings. Kristel’s work has been exhibited worldwide with much appreciation and demand, particularly in galleries in Tokyo, Milan, Brussels and France. She has also been highly regarded in the UAE, including winning the UAE Resident Artist Award at World Art Dubai 2018 for her collection, Beauty in Diversity.

Yana Mann is an internationally renowned mezzo soprano, who has performed in prestigious venues such as the Theater of Digital Art in Dubai, and lately the prestigious Carnegie Hall, which has hosted some of the world’s finest artists such as Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky , Billie Holiday, Judy Garland and the Beatles. Her extensive musical background comes from theater and opera, but she has explored classical music with new genres and musical architectures. Yana has released two albums: “Los Bar Poems”, a work commissioned from minimalist composer Julián De La Chica and published by Independent Brooklyn Record Label, Irreverence Group Music; and “Mandala – VI Poems”the first part of the next and greatest studio album, “Nihilistic landscape”.

Negroni Week will take place from September 12 to 18. Guests can pair Mikhail’s limited-edition cocktail menu with Belcanto’s exceptional à la carte cuisine orchestrated by the brand’s chef, Giacomo Lombardi, and his army of culinary talents, including world champion Neapolitan pizza, chef Vincenzo Palermo and pastry chef Anthony Falcone, who brings his expertise from a variety of Michelin-starred restaurants. During this week, the Italian Gourmet Room located at the Dubai Opera will also host a series of short, immersive digital art exhibitions featuring a selection of artwork by Kristel from her “Garden of Life” series. Vocal powerhouse Yana Mann will captivate diners with her ethereal voice for an exclusive one-night-only live performance on Friday, September 16.

Part of the Belcanto brand promise is to curate a series of culturally fueled dining and entertainment experiences that fuse art, music and gastronomy. Stay tuned for more monthly multi-sensory programs from Belcanto that spotlight emerging artists from the UAE as well as talent from around the world.

Located on the roof of the Dubai Opera, Belcanto is open every evening from 6 p.m. to midnight. For reservations, email [email protected] or call +97144560936.​​