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Corum – New Bulle: Art On The Wrist – Geneva Watch Days

At 47 mm, the Bubble X Aiiroh is an incentive to think big and in color. Its dial is indebted to “Street Rose,” a 2020 work in which French artist Aiiroh, who rose to prominence as a graffiti artist, uses strips torn from street posters and newspaper headlines to create a collage in the shape of rose petals, covered with a stylized cut-out rose in black.

Reference to the history of art…

While the Bubble X Aiiroh is a very contemporary creation, the watchmaking and collage can date back hundreds of years. Popularized in the 1920s by Dada artists, and Kurt Schwitters in particular, collage was already used for works of religious art in the 14th and 15th centuries, often encrusted with precious stones and gold. The richly gilded icons are a good example of this.

Now the icons have changed and the art is no longer tied to religious imagery. Aiiroh’s colorful works reference the “iconic” logos of brands such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel, keen to play with references rooted in his generation.

Bubble47 X Automatic Airoh ©Corum

… and the history of watchmaking

When the Corum Bubble was launched in 2000, it breathed new life into a brand – then headed by visionary Severin Wunderman – already renowned for its creative approach to watchmaking. Just a little crazy with its curves and impressive domed sapphire crystal, the Bubble is inspired by the iconic design of the Rolex Deep Sea Special, whose transparent dome protected the dial from extreme pressure underwater.

The Bubble quickly established itself as one of Corum’s best-selling models. Initially introduced as a 44mm diameter, it later expanded to 47mm and 52mm sizes. This dial space lends itself admirably to all sorts of variations and techniques, while the domed sapphire crystal acts as a magnifying glass, magnifying and distorting the extraordinary dials. Due to its experimental and openly transgressive character, La Bulle has become the ideal platform for collaborations with contemporary artists, including the Canadian Elisabetta Fantone and now Aiiroh.

Nouvelle Bulle: The art of transgression

Bubble 47 Automatic ©Corum

Art and more art!

The techniques used to decorate the Bubble’s dial are similar to those used by Aiiroh for “Street Rose”. Against a black background, a collage of rose petals comes to life, in shades of turquoise, orange, lavender, purple, blue, red, yellow and green. A black aluminum cutout of a stylized rose is then placed on top. Aiiroh even created a special presentation box for this bubble with a spray paint design.

Two other artists and members of the same collective as Aiiroh also contributed to Corum Bubble X Aiiroh. They are Namisen, a Japanese modernist artist, and Soyz Bank, a French visual artist. All three worked together on a piece of carved wall art. This original drawing, which features Corum’s certificate of authenticity and the brand’s key logo, began as a two-dimensional painting that was then folded and cast in resin. A performance worthy of the Bulle Corum!