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Curse of Monkey Island Creator Reveals Reasons for Series Change in Art Style

As many already know, the Monkey Island series got a facelift as well as a new creative team in its third outing, The Curse of Monkey Island. However, this new art style wasn’t just due to the change in direction behind the game’s development. Rather, it was because of the tools used behind the scenes.

“A new art path had to be developed for Curse of Monkey Island,” game designer Jonathan Ackley revealed on Twitter.

“2D games at the time scanned drawings directly to raster, causing significant aliasing. We used US Animation. It vectorized the line art before compositing and reduced color/resolution, creating smoother art “, he explained.

In addition to this little nugget of information, when asked if the game’s animation was done with vectors on PC, Ackley also revealed that every frame of animation in Curse of Monkey Island was “all drawn on paper” first.

“It may take some digital editing to get the interactive animations to line up. And of course the 3D was 3D. The water reflections were actually rendered in 3D,” he continued.

Unfortunately, Ackley doesn’t own any of the original The Curse of Monkey Island drawings, and he doesn’t even know where they are now, which is a real shame.

Meanwhile, original series creator Ron Gilbert is gearing up for the release of Return to Monkey Island. This will be his first foray into the world of Guybrush Threepwood and Elaine Marley since LeChuck’s Revenge (released in 1991).

Gilbert revealed that Return to Monkey Island will pick up after the events of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge and begin at an amusement park. As of this writing, there’s no firm release date for this next game in the series, though we know it’s slated for release sometime this year.

Image credit: Mixnmojo