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Elden Ring Pope Turtle Fan Art looks like a children’s storybook

An artist has created a digital watercolor of a Tarni and the Turtle Pope having afternoon tea together, and it looks like something out of a storybook.

A talented artist and Ring of Elden fan created a whimsical painting of fan-favorite Miriel, Pastor of Vows, better known as Turtle Pope, and it looks like it’s straight out of a children’s storybook. Although he is only two months old, Ring of Elden formed a massive fanbase and community eager to show their love for certain characters. This love and excitement has come through in the form of art and cosplay from hundreds of fans. One such fan even recently paid homage to Mirial by creating a fun cosplay of Ring of Elden‘s Turtle Pope which has won recognition and praise due to its simple and silly design.

Offering players his knowledge of sorceries and incantations, the Turtle Pope, also known as the Dog among his fans, is an NPC who can be found outside the crumbling ruins of the Church of Wishes in the universe of Ring of Elden‘s Lands Between. Although Miriel doesn’t play a big role in the game, she’s now one of the most recognizable and beloved NPCs. Despite his tall appearance, his docile demeanor and holy miter give him a charming and eccentric look that adds a certain levity among the dark and heavy tones defined throughout the game. it won’t defend itself if attacked, making players even more hesitant to attack. Ring of Eldenis Turtle Pope.

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2D artist cyan whiskey added his own work of art to the ever-growing amount of Ring of Elden fan creations with their storybook-style piece. Set amidst the tranquil fields of the Church of Wishes, cyanwhiskey has created a digital watercolor painting of Terni and Miriel spending some quiet time together while sharing afternoon tea and cookies. In this peaceful moment, the Terni is not overwhelmed with his quest to become Lord Elden or to reclaim the Elden Ring, and instead is surrounded by tranquility, flowers, and perhaps what could be a good friend.

With the impressive Ring of Elden the pastel tones of the artwork and the happy expression of Miriel’s wise old face, unwitting viewers may believe this painting belongs on the pages of a children’s storybook. It’s perhaps no surprise that other Twitter users have flocked to show their love and appreciation for the art depicting the dog having a quiet moment, which offers an alternative to a game typically known for its brutal fights. , its dark world and its often menacing characters.

Although Ring of Elden is known for its tough enemies and painful deaths, the game proves that it can have different layers in its story and gameplay. While the Turtle Pope might not be Lands Between’s most interesting character, Miriel, Shepherd of Wishes, stands out for her unique design and docile nature. The Turtle Pope is a special character for Ring of Elden fans, as it shows that not all great and giant beasts are out to inflict pain and quick death.

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Reference: cyan whiskey/Twitter

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