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Enter the world of EY3K0N | NFT CULTURE | NFT and crypto art

Territory and Rebel Studios forge the future with the creation of EY3K0N Operating system

Studio Territorythe interdisciplinary design boutique, collaborates with Rebel Studios, the Web3 startup, on an ambitious mission to create a whole new interactive entertainment subgenre, with their first product EY3K0N.

To begin building this strange new world, Rebel Studios brought together some of the the world’s most creative minds in games, character design, augmented reality, blockchain and economic design of tokens.

Territory was commissioned by Rebel Studios to bring tomorrow’s UX/UIU to a game experience played today. The objective was to transmit from the beginning impression, the fact that EY3K0N is something new, something different, something… OTHER. In response, Territory brought its animation, its mobile interface and the graphical experience to support and the result is something unique.

Rebel Studios CEO Gavin Cunningham explained how the collaboration between the studios was born:

“I realized that almost all of the visual references for what we’re trying to create came films, and that the concept interfaces and screen graphics were all made by one studio, so I called them.

“What we are setting out to do is something special that no one has done before. everyone, the concept of EY3KØN was kind of an “out there” idea which was weird or implausible. With Territory, it was directly in the way of implementing.

“We have always leaned towards XR product-wise, with input from our partners of QXR Studios, but Territory had started very early to think about a operating system-like interface for the website itself and which has accelerated many of our reflection and opened new doors of creativity in terms of product development.

Marti Romances, co-founder and creative director of the territory, agrees:

“The operating system was the starting point and defined the whole experience. We also experimented with the design of user interfaces and buttons and decided to follow that all the way through.

“Rebel Studios suggested adding a radio into the operating system, which have shown that they think bigger and from all angles.

“Going through the keystroke process through the same operating system speaks volume on the ambition of the project.

Enter the world of EY3K0N

Described as a “cross-platform interactive story experience”, EY3K0N is fixed in a near future world where many of today’s social and technological trends have manifested: “EY3K0N is the social media agency, which dominates the domination of the most powerful influencers in the world. His clients are presidents and pop stars, the trendsetters and tastemakers of the world”.

The EYEK0N, a cast of 10 characters represented by 10,000 NFTs, each have their own social profile. With a growing list of celebrity supporters, including Paris Hilton, One Direction’s Steve Aoki, UK rapper Tinie and Liam Payne look like the lines between fantasy and reality may begin to fade in this tale from the project’s lead screenwriter, Emmy Award-winning Sean Stewart, perhaps not coincidentally the co-inventor of the Alternate reality game.

To enter the world of EY3KON, you need to unlock a device. Users need to invest themselves in the experience. As things are hidden in the OS design, they will discover that effort and experience have real value, asking them to be proactive in this new world.

The world of NFTs is evolving. Through the hype bubble, there are real emerging innovators, engaging global brands and talent flocking to the space. EY3K0N is at the forefront of these new technologies and new challengers which are changing the face of entertainment and how it interfaces with the next internet generation.