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Exclusive Cryptozoo Clip Shows Off The Film’s Striking Artistic Style And Animation

IGN can exclusively reveal a new clip for Cryptozoo, the fantastic animated film starring Lake Bell, Michael Cera and Zoe Kazan that tells the story of cryptozookeepers traveling through a richly designed hallucinatory world to capture a legendary hybrid-eating creature of dreams known as Baku.

The clip, which you can watch via the player above or the embed below, offers a preview of the striking art style and animation featured in Cryptozoo and gives a glimpse into that elusive baku. Baku comes from Japanese folklore and art and is said to have been made from the spare parts that were left after God created all the other animals. It also shows some of the dangers our heroes will face on their quest, including a Camoodi – a South American mega worm.

Although the cast contains humans, there are also other mythical characters such as a satyr and a blindfolded woman who bear a striking resemblance to Medusa. The fight in the film, according to the official description, is about the team deciding whether to show these rare beasts within the confines of a zoo or whether to leave them to remain hidden and unknown.

Joining the aforementioned cast are Louisa Krause, Peter Stormare, Thomas Jay Ryan, Grace Zabriskie and Angeliki Papoulia. Cryptozoo is written and directed by Dash Shaw, and Jane Samborski directs the stunning animation.

Cryptozoo will be released in theaters and On Demand on August 20, 2021 and is produced by Kyle Martin, Jane Samborski, Bill Way and Tyler Davidson. You can see the official movie poster below:

Director Dash Shaw won the NEXT Innovator Prize presented by Adobe at the Sundance Film Festival 2021 for his work on Cryptozoo.

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