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Superrare’s GDR takes on Caravaggio & DaVinci with their hyper-stylistic fine art photography NFTs

I feel like approaching the tropes of classic paintings with a modern eye allows me to challenge norms and reimagine where our values ​​and interests lie in art.

—Gabriel Dean Roberts

NEW YORK CITY, NY, USA, April 18, 2022 / — NYC’s Gabriel Dean Roberts (AKA GDR) has made a name for himself over the years as Vogue’s highly respected fine art photographer and in 2021 made the top 10 selling artists on the NFT platform, Foundation. Now he aims to bridge the gap between fine art and Web 3. Artists like Cory Van Lew, Fvckrender, Beeple, Pak, Fewocious, and Damien Hirst have shown how individual artists can thrive in NFT marketplaces, and Gabriel aims to join their ranks.

When people think of NFTs, 8-bit collectible animal projects and Bored Apes come to mind, but GDR sees an opportunity to help the scene mature. “I love what’s happening in art right now, where we’re seeing obscure artists stepping out of the shadows and connecting with a whole new audience around the world with NFTs. From my perspective, I am very focused on creating artwork that has lasting power, and Superrare has given me the right platform to do that.I see the opportunity to lead with a fine art perspective that is more accessible to traditional collectors and young art collectors.

Gabriel took classic images like Narcissus, Saint Jerome and Medusa with a new kind of perspective. “I’m known for my flower photography via Vogue, so when I approached Narcissus in the style of Caravaggio, I wanted to incorporate them, but I didn’t stop there. I deliberately chose a model with tattoos still visible as it’s a modern reference What I think a lot of people forget is that painters of earlier centuries often dressed their ancient subject in the clothes of their time. things I’ve done in my works here, to include modern references.”

While the NFT market is still experiencing high volatility, affected by global politics, public opinion, and hesitant traditionalists, waves are something Gabriel has embraced. “While in 2021 I have sold much of my back catalog from many years past, racking up well over 200 NFTs, in 2022 I will only be releasing a maximum of 12 1 in 1 works. allowed me to really focus my plans on making quality offerings that represent the best of my work, while recognizing that collectors are interested in rarity. I feel like I approach the tropes of classical paintings with a modern eye allows me to challenge norms and reimagine where our values ​​and interests lie in art.”

GDR’s “Medusa” features New York-based painter Keli Lucas and offers a more empathetic take on the dreaded Gorgon. “I wanted to show both sides of Medusa, who according to the story basically always did the right thing, but due to circumstances she ended up being a terrifying, hunted creature. I wanted to show the virtue of Medusa juxtaposed to her serpentine face.”

Whether it’s Narcissus, Saint Gregory, or Medusa, GDR’s body of work on Superrare moves to challenge conventional views of what NFTs are. “I really enjoy taking my time with each piece and working with collectors who not only understand what I’m doing with the individual works, but also my intention to create art that retains its value for generations. I don’t I only need a handful of serious collectors to achieve that goal, and that’s a really exciting prospect for me.”

GDR keeps in touch with other NFT artists and collectors via Twitter. “I connect with creators and collectors every day, and appreciate the sense of community that is so unique in NFT-centric Twitter.”

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