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Google Cloud Neural Networks Creates 10,000 Artworks Using Only Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs

Artsy Monke 8865/10000.  Oil painting.  Disappeared at sea.

Artsy Monke 8865/10000. Oil painting. Disappeared at sea.

The world’s most popular NFT is converted into machine-made paintings using AI software.

HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT, USA, Sept. 1, 2022 / — Since Google’s DeepDream program in 2015, machine learning has advanced significantly. We suddenly find ourselves able to create any image we can imagine in any style, as opposed to the original technology’s lucid dream of turning everything in a photo into a creepy dog’s face. The fact that it can achieve this new level of accuracy by using a text description rather than a reference image is one of the most amazing recent developments. One of the latest projects to explore this technology, Artsy Monke, was developed using Google’s powerful cloud computing service and recent advances in artificial intelligence and image delivery methods on their platform. -collaborative form of laptops, Colab.

“We fed the machine ten thousand cartoon monkeys, it then destroyed each of them using noise filters, then denoised them to life over hundreds of steps to come up with a new work. of art according to the descriptive prompts we requested.” Says the artist of the project, CryptoGrims. “A ghost remains from the original monkey if you half close your eyes and look at it from the side, but up close every pixel is brand new, and suddenly you have an oil painted landscape.”

The results are incredible. Looking through the collection of 10,000 Artsy Monkes, it’s easy to spot the intricate scenes of Viking ships, moody neon city landscapes, and intense stormy oceans, but if we step back and look at one piece, we see this who was once a very familiar Monkey looking for trouble.

The collection of 10,000 pictorial monkey portraits took weeks of processing power, but only minutes to finally sell. “We sold about 400 at first and then we told the world about them.” Says the artist of the CryptoGrims project. “When it happened, the ten thousand were gone within minutes.”

Holders have continued to trade the artworks on the OpenSea NFT marketplace ever since, with over 200 ETH ($316,680) in sales volume generated from secondary sales alone. Anyone who bought an Artsy Monke for $1 a few weeks ago could now sell it for almost forty times that amount. With the highest buy to date at 1 Eth, there are already over two hundred and fifty of the coins currently being offered for sale by their owners at a tantalizing price of 10 ETH ($15,834) or more.

Boasting a print-ready version in 4K resolution available only to owners, the collection has quickly evolved into much more than just works of art. An online video game arcade world is being developed, Artsy Monke holders will have free access to play and earn digital currency. They are also releasing a series of children’s books in partnership with a successful writer/illustrator to cement a relationship with their future audience.

“We felt there was something missing from the standard NFT art. We wanted to recreate the magic of the Bored Ape collection and convert it into art.” Says Artsy Monke blockchain developer Dan Hovey. More information can be found on OpenSea or on the official website at

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