Art media

Groups of local artists enjoy an inspiring Zoom demonstration with a painter

6:00 PM March 10, 2022

It was another inspiring Zoom art demonstration afternoon for the Sidmouth Art Society (SSA) and Exmouth Art Group (EAG), with Les Darlow sharing his love of Panpastels and Canson paper with the groups.

Cherry Ferris’ report highlighted her skills and creative approach to her painting.
Cherry said: “Les was a warm and talented host, who painted not one… but two amazing pictures in just two short hours! He used a mixed media approach to paint two beautiful landscape scenes using his Panpastels and layering techniques. The paintings just seemed to materialize before our eyes!

“Les started with no particular reference because he’s inspired by the moment and reacts spontaneously…Even he doesn’t know what he’s doing until the painting starts (how exciting). He says it adds to the drama and energy of the painting.”

Les said, “I have a love and passion for time and landscapes and most of my paintings are of subjects that have that connection for me. I think you can paint the same scene over and over again because light and time continually change the subject. My journey is continually creative, exciting and inspiring as I travel the world developing new skills and introducing new techniques.

“After such an inspiring afternoon, and judging by people’s comments, we believe there is going to be an uptick in local Panpastel and Canson paper sales,” Cherry said.

She added: “The SSA has even more to look forward to as our March live demo will give us Ken Cosgrove painting an oil portrait, followed by monthly live demos such as calligraphy and watercolor in mixed media. Regular Zoom demonstrations will continue beginning with Flowerscape and Angie Seaway’s conversation. We’ll also be hosting our Platinum Jubilee Members Party, so watch this space.

“If any of this information causes you to investigate, please contact the SSA at [email protected] and the EAG at