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Hades fan recreates unused gods in Supergiant art style

A Hades fan recreated the art of what other Greek gods would look like if they made the cut for the game of Supergiant.

Right below you can see the first post on u / Lazymanohelp’s Hades subreddit, which was posted just before the New Year. This article shows what the Greek gods Hephaestus and Hera might have looked like had they entered the Supergiant game, and each character even has their own icons related to Boon.

Make art of what Hephaestus or Hera might have looked like if they were in the game. I think I did a good job lol of r / HadesTheGame

Earlier today, the same fan posted a follow-up post to the Hades subreddit, showing their take on Apollo. He is the god of healing, archery, and medicine, among others, so there is a little intersection with the role Artemis has in Hades, who is actually Apollo’s twin brother in ancient Greek mythology.

People wanted an Apollo design from my last post. So here he is, Apollo if he was in Hades. (I also included the bond badge lol) of r / HadesTheGame

These recreations of the Hades fan on the game’s subreddit are absolutely fascinating and lovingly recreated. If you are wondering if Hades developer Supergiant could add additional gods and characters to his game in the future, it seems unlikely. In September 2020, the developer said he would take a hiatus before deciding on his next project, giving the impression that he was leaving Hades after the game’s version 1.0 released in Early Access earlier than the same month.

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