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How painter Tadas Zaicikas rose to fame in urban abstract street art

Abstract urban street art is an incredibly diverse art movement that is rapidly gaining momentum and popularity as the works exhibited in the streets continue to expand in size, style, and even skill. However, it is impossible to talk about this movement and its impact on society and the art industry without referring to the contribution of Tadas Zaicikas, also known as TedyZet.

Tadas is a renowned painter who uses his talent and skills to spread love and showcase the beauty of life. He creates an online community of street art lovers and uses his art to express his ideas and highlight some of the world’s critical issues.

According to the famous painter, his goal is to redefine urban abstract street art by building a safe space for all art lovers. Tadas is changing the way people bring the arts into their daily lives and more, bringing them closer to the public. His unique style, unbeatable skills, and deep understanding of the art world have allowed Tadas to achieve his goals and his work in the limelight.

Tadas is not new to the art world; it has come a long way to stand among the industry giants. Recently, one of his paintings, “Love Wall”, was acquired by millionaire Grant Cardone as an ornament for his new home. Tadas has also won several awards. He was nominated for the American Art Awards 2018 and 2019 – category “2019’s Best Landscape Impressionists” and “2018 Abstract”, placing third and sixth respectively.

“I am passionate about the graffiti street art movement; it influenced my work and my know-how around this style. Personally, the paintings on the wall represent a big part of cosmopolitan city life; I aim to highlight it with most of my pieces,” explains the sought-after painter.

Tadas uses a canvas instead of building walls and working in the studio, a proof of his unique artistic style, helping him gain recognition in urban abstract street art. He continues to use his artwork to spread love, positivity and peace while showcasing the diversity and beauty of the world.

The use of bright colors in his pieces and the word “LOVE” helped Tadas get his message across, as he encourages the public not to back down until he achieves his goals. Tadas presents the good and the “bad” side of life and shows people that no matter how difficult it can be, there is always something to be grateful for.

Tadas is currently working on a project that he believes will help bring his concept to life, showcasing the hidden beauty of the world. It creates the American flag painting, depicting the American dream of freedom and achieving your goals.

As Tadas explained, the painting is meant to encourage everyone through a difficult time. He hopes to tell a story of hope by sharing his story of how he became a full-time professional fine art painter and, more so, how you too can achieve your American dream.

Tadas concludes on this note: “you have to take that first step towards achieving your goal, believe in yourself and put in the work.” He continues to fill the streets with fascinating art, working under his artist name, TedyZet. For more information on his latest art project or other pieces he’s worked on, follow TedyZet on social media.