Art reference

I trained an AI to paint 10,000 pieces of original monkey art for people to own as NFTs (40 pics)

As an artist whose “real job” is a software engineer, I started experimenting with AI art when the NFT boom started in March 2021. After lots of googling (and swearing ), I managed to train a neural network to paint a Picasso-style punk cartoon. It took an hour for my laptop to give me a thumbnail that possibly looked like Pablo and vaguely resembled the cartoon’s reference image. I filed it, got on with my life, and the technology moved on.

I was blown away earlier this year by an article about advances in AI and image streaming, so I decided to learn everything I could. After a few weeks of very little sleep, I was finally able to figure it out.
Our AI is trained with 14 million images and with a large data set of associated keywords. He then learns what each of them looks like as more and more noise is added to them. So when we give it a sentence to try to create the art, it starts with random noise and tries to denoise the photo in several stages, marking itself higher (and thus influencing the path it takes) if it comes close to all of the noisy versions associated with these keywords.

He can be asked to do any art on any subject, in the style of any artist. It doesn’t even have to be a painting. I could ask him to create a picture of a red bus driving down a pyramid in a snowstorm and he would try to paint it.

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