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Impressive fan art combines Call of Duty Zombies and Doom

A creative Call of Duty Zombies player creates fan art featuring Samantha Maxis mimicking the pose of some Doom 2016 artwork.

While Call of Duty Zombies has always been treated as a bonus game mode by Activision, its fanbase is incredibly passionate and loyal. As such, Call of Duty Zombie fan art is regularly shared, with the latest piece featuring a fun connection to the Loss series.

The character this fan art focuses on is Samantha Maxis, one of the most important zombie characters of all time. One of two characters to cross over into the original Aether story and the Dark Aether tale, fans got to see an older Sam for the first time in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. With Sam having been a demonic child in the original story, this was a significant change, with players even being able to control Sam since she finally became a playable Operator.


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The fan art is courtesy of Reddit user netol19, the artist inserting Samantha Maxis into Die Maschine. Specifically, she is seen in the Dark Aether version of the map, with a lightning bolt seen behind her as one of the dimension’s jellyfish floats through the sky. With zombies invading Samantha as she stands atop a rock in the woods, the piece is stunning, although fans of the Loss the reboot from 2016 should find the layout of the zombies and Sam very familiar.

As the title of the post indicates, this Call of Duty The zombie fan art was deliberately designed to evoke the style of Loss Cover from 2016. From the zombie facing the camera in the lower left corner to the pose of Sam herself, a similar vibe is clearly present. Also, while Sam may not be holding a Super Shotgun in her hand, she is shown wielding Firebase Z’s RAI K-84 in the same way. With a great choice for a background and awesome inspiration for the poses, the art is stunning.

Unsurprisingly, netol19 is getting praise for its creation, with many Redditors loving it Loss was used as a reference. Alongside 1400 upvotes, Call of Duty Zombies fans also shared their approval of the featured skin. Although Sam has a few cool outfits to choose from, his default outfit is a fan favorite, as it features items used by the Primis team. Nikolai’s goggles, Takeo’s Katana, and Zetsubou No Shima’s gas mask all feature in the design, with Dr. Monty’s scarf also included.

Considering the Doom Slayer would likely thrive in the Call of Duty The Zombie Universe Due to his familiarity with killing demons, the artist could always find Loss art that serves as a spin on a memorable Zombies moment. Even though it’s still a one-off as opposed to an actual series, this fun crossover deserves the love. Call of Duty Zombies fans show it.

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