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Introducing SELF 07, a new art exhibition from Saint Laurent

Focusing on six different cities, the new chapter is determined to connect the world by blending creative disciplines.

Focusing on six different cities, the new chapter is determined to connect the world by blending creative disciplines.

Saint Laurent’s latest SELF installment is here. Curated by Anthony Vaccarello, the select group of artists, photographers and filmmakers celebrate aspects of Saint Laurent through their personal lens. This year, SELF 07 features exclusive artwork from six members of Magnum Photos, an international photographic cooperative. Centered on the values ​​of Saint Laurent, the works will be exhibited in six different cities from June 9 to 12.

See below for more on the six photographers.

Alex Webb | New York

Having received numerous awards such as the Guggenheim Fellowship and works exhibited in museums such as the Whitney Museum of Modern Art, Alex Webb does not hesitate to document the city. I have long been drawn to the brilliant colors, searing light and intensity of life I first encountered on the streets of Latin America and the Caribbean,” said Webb, known for his photographs vibrant. Featuring three culturally rich neighborhoods in Los Angeles, it puts movement and light at the forefront.

Harry Gruyaert | Paris

A member of Magnum Photos since 1982, Antwerp-based Harry Gruyaert has developed a representation for his color photographic work, having worked extensively in the United States, Europe and India and having numerous publications. For SELF 07, airports were the reference because they “give this very strong impression of being between two worlds”. Always fascinated by airports, Gruyaert’s entry for SELF imposes his strengths and his ability to adapt through his play of light and color, whatever the environment.

Oliver Arthur | London

Inspired by the human relationship with our body, the London-based photographer shows what she looked like “to show how we touch, connect and relate to each other” and “an exploration of the physical world in natural forms and unnatural is also essential for me in showing the limits of our physicality.

Takashi Man | Tokyo

For Takashi Homma, the city is intrinsically linked to fashion. For Homma, the city of Tokyo is what “constrains and guides” his actions. Using the camera obscura technique, award winner Kimura Ihei finds that “the city and fashion are always in a one-on-one relationship.”

Daeung Lee | Seoul

Growing up in a rural village, Daesung Lee is known for his approach to documenting environmental issues, playing between fiction and reality in his photography. For SELF 07, Lee was inspired by the pandemic after the world was forced to shut down, stating that nature has given us back all the senses, “forgotten” and that since that time, SELF has been a way to explore “an imaginary nature in my mind to support the uncertain future.

Bird head | Shanghai

Composed of artists Song Tao and Ju Weiyu, Birdhead is a concept that goes beyond the philosophy of photography. In signature “Birdhead World” style, the Shanghai-based artist explores the symbiotic relationships that exist in nature for SELF 07, focusing on natural elements like clouds and trees juxtaposed against the harsh line of the urban landscape.

Credits: Images courtesy of Saint Laurent.