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Jack Kirby evolves as comic book artists defend his art style

Jack Kirby is all the rage, but probably not for the best reasons. Several comic book artists and other creators have come up for the legend after a small number of fans said Kirby’s art was “bad.” While this claim is fundamentally wrong, it hasn’t stopped social media from getting pissed off. guardians of the galaxy director James Gunn expressed his love for the artist’s work, like many others. You could think of all this dust as a cousin of the talk surrounding the next one Eternals movie. When the character costumes were first introduced, many fans denounced the choice not to directly adapt Kirby’s designs. When the trailer premiered earlier this year, that same cycle sped up again when the Eternals’ spacecraft was revealed to be a black monolith-like structure rather than the more intricate design that the legend of the comic rendered on the page. All of these debates will never really end. (If you read through art criticism and history, the adaptations are hotly discussed over time.) Check out some of the best articles on Kirby below:

Recently, had the chance to speak with what if series director Bryan Andrews on introducing the Kirby Krackle to the Disney + series.

“I just wanted to do it forever,” Andrews explained. “And then I was always disappointed that they didn’t do Kirby Krackle in the live action movies, so I was like, ‘We’re doing it here, guys,’ and everyone said,” Yeah! think, now that we’ve made it and it looks amazing, hope whatever weird thing the visual effects folks have avoided it for [is over] – I don’t know why they would. Come on guys. Bring it, bring it! So we’ll see. Maybe it’s a new era of visual effects. ”

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