Art style

Konami’s new metroidvania roguelike has incredible art style

Konami unveiled GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon at Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase last night. It’s a roguelike 2D hack-and-slasher, and an unlikely sequel to GetsuFumaDen, a 1987 Japanese-only Famicom game. Plus, it sports that traditional Japanese art style that I can’t get enough of.

Independent studio GuruGuru worked with Konami to develop this 2D “roguevania” as they call it. This means that you will be immersed in a demon ravaged underworld, fight, explore a lot, and get your ass handed to you often. It also looks fantastic, with this Ukiyo-e art style that is quite obvious.

Here’s a look at GetsuFumaDen in action:

Not only does the Ukiyo-e art style lend major style points to combat, but it’s also the background details that catch my eye. That blazing infernal landscape at 46 seconds with all the demons hanging out near their literal bloodbath, and that Ryokotsuki skull monster? Get out of here, it looks so stylish.

GetsuFumaDen must be started on Steam Early Access May 13 for £ 20 / $ 25 / € 25. Those who purchase this version of the game will also receive a port of the original Famicom GetsuFumaDen as a bonus, as well as a digital artbook and soundtrack. So pretty.

According to GetsuFumaDen’s Early Access Roadmap, the plan is for a new playable character to arrive in June, along with some tweaks and improvements. In August, a new stage is due to be announced, and after that, the developers hope to add more modes, stages, weapons, etc. Konami doesn’t say how long they expect the Early Access period to last, although they do note that the game is slated to launch on Nintendo Switch in 2022, so likely by then.