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Krause Announces New Album “The Art Of Fatigue”

KRAUSE have announced a new album!

Title The art of fatiguethe Greek noise rock band’s next album is their third album and is set to be released in May this year, via Worship Industries.

Speaking of the upcoming album, the band shares, “The tracks are essentially about urban decay and our distaste for politics, society and human life amid the pandemic and current crisis. We’re all rather misanthropic and pessimistic as people, so our lyrics tend to either be stories of urban isolation or reflect our disappointment with ourselves and humanity under capitalism. Our views have been confirmed by the financial crisis and the resulting global situation, so I don’t see our themes changing any time soon.

When we started KRAUSE, all we wanted to do was create atmosphere and tone more than follow a style or genre. In our case, this refers to the Amphetamine Reptile or Touch-and-go bands that were characterized more by attitude than style or cohesive sound. As a result, the benchmarks that we share (UNSANE, CHERUBS, BREACH, BURIED, DAMN, HAMMER HEAD, KILLDOZER, HELMET, SHELLAC, TODAY IS THE DAY, MELVINS, WHORES, GNOD, CHIMPANZEE PART etc) have more to do with a certain attitude and approach to music rather than the act of songwriting itself.

Along with the announcement of the new album, KRAUSE released a new music video for a new song from the upcoming album; The tired eyes thing. The new music video was first premiered via Metal injection.

Speaking about the new song, the band adds, “far from being representative of the new record, The tired eyes thing is no longer an outlier. The only example of clean vocals on the record but still damn brutal, and we love the dynamics in it.

Watch the official music video for The Stuff Of Tired Eyes here:

You can also see the track listing and artwork for the upcoming new album below:

List of tracks:

1. Ignorant acts of paralyzed vision
2. Crowdfunded Assassination
3. Botched human excess
4. The tired eyes trick
5. Talentless but Connected
6. Drenched in Disaster
7. Bootstrap Reactionaries and the Alienated Intelligentsia
8. Ceremonial aspects of daily bloodbaths
9. The world of stress
10. Hot bodies and prohibition
11. The things I love confront me with the effort it takes to love them

The Art Of Fatigue is set for release on May 20 via Venerate Industries. Pre-orders are available now and can be purchased here.

For more information about KRAUSE, like their official page on Facebook.