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Legend of Zelda Pixel Art Turns Link Into a Castlevania Hero

An impressive piece of pixel art transforms The Legend of Zelda’s Link into a hero of Castlevania, with the series’ signature atmosphere.

A reconstruction of how The Legend of Zelda would look like the classic NES pixel art look Castlevania games surfaced on Twitter. Both The Legend of Zelda and Castlevania debuted in 1986 for the NES. Due to graphical limitations at the time, both games’ graphics were heavily pixelated, and this art style has remained a recognizable mainstay over the years.

The similarities between Zelda and Castlevania doesn’t end there, as both take place in fantasy worlds where the protagonist must use a variety of weapons to fight through an army of evil monsters to achieve their goal. The main difference between the two, however, is that Castlevania builds on the traditions of the horror genre, while The Legend of Zelda is a lighter adventure. The creatures of Castlevania were inspired by classic horror, featuring recognizable monsters such as zombies, dragons and, of course, main antagonist Dracula. Meanwhile, the adventures of Zelda were inspired by the real childhood adventures of Shigeru Miyamoto, presenting a brighter and more innocent atmosphere.


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Twitter Artist Atticus_Finn created a pixel render of The Legend of Zelda and what the series would look like in a Castlevania– inspired setting. The image features Link wielding a sword and shield alongside his fairy companion Navi, looking ready to enter a castle in the middle of the night. The dark forest and crumbling ruins all around Link create an eerie atmosphere, reminiscent of the feeling a player might feel before entering a dungeon. It seems like the perfect match, combining the instantly recognizable green outfit and blue fairy with the dark, dark color scheme and setting of Castlevania.

Whereas Castlevania fits firmly into the horror genre, The Legend of Zelda fans can remember several terrifying moments and monsters that remained in the series. Examples such as the Redead monsters with their piercing screams, Yeta’s transformation into the evil Blizzeta in Twilight PrincessWallmaster’s Crawling Hands, Gelatinous Like-Like Monsters, Most Not All Majora’s Maskor the cursed family in giant spiders of Ocarina of time. Therefore, some fans might say that The Legend of Zelda would be a good match for a scarier one Castlevania-like setting. A little like Castlevaniaby Simon Belmont, Link has been battling ghosts and other monsters of the night for decades.

Atticus_Finn’s art has captured the imagination of fans of both series. fans of The Legend of Zelda and Castlevania commented on how much they would love to play a real game that combines the two, but gamers who want more horror in their The Legend of Zelda games may just have to just replay Majora’s Mask for the moment.

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Source: Attticus_Finn/Twitter