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Madonna’s son, Rocco Ritchie, reportedly sells art under the pseudonym “Rhed”

The art world is about a promising London artist working under the pseudonym Rhed, who is in fact Madonna’s eldest son, Rocco Ritchie. Sixth page originally unearthed information, and reports that his paintings, which feature colorful figures, Picasso and Gauguin-esque, sell for up to £ 24,000.

As of yet, Ritchie has not confirmed whether he is the man behind Rhed, although Too Faced Cosmetics co-founder Jerrod Blandino apparently let the news slip when he purchased a piece of Ritchie and l ‘published. “Artists are there to disturb the peace and this kid is making things happen,” Blandino wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of Ritchie and the art. “So proud to add this amazing piece to our collection of talented Rocco Ritchie.” Although there is no reference to Rhed in the post, the painting resembles his working style.

Rhed is currently represented by London’s Tanya Baxter Contemporary Gallery and has already held two exhibitions with them since 2018. The gallery describes the artist as “the new Basquiat”, claiming that his paintings “exude an engaging blend of innocence and confidence” thanks to his “eclectic cultural background” which has grew up in New York. and London. Rhed’s July 2020 show reunited both Madonna and Ritchie’s dad Guy, though at the time, it was not mentioned that they were attending their son’s show.

Assuming Rhed is actually Ritchie, his choice to use a false name is interesting. It comes as dozens of celebrity descendants continually use their famous names to promote themselves. Brooklyn Beckham has tried everything from photography to cooking with her last name supporting the trip, while others dip their toes into acting, modeling and singing. Of course, these paths are much more visible and make it harder to disguise, and having a last name like Gandolfini, Gerber or Hawke can only help in the Hollywood scene. Ritchie’s full sister, Lourdes Leon, has exploded into the modeling world over the past year, though there’s no hiding the fact that she’s Madonna’s daughter when her face is plastered on a panel. ‘display. Ritchie, however, can disappear into a studio, let her gallery take care of any necessary promotion and allow her work to speak for itself, and it seems like that is exactly her plan.