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Major Dreams update adds a wider variety of art styles

Media Molecule’s Dreams is one of the most interesting games out there, offering a unique way to develop and play games, movies, shows, music, and all other forms of media. The Media Molecule team has been constantly updating the game, with this latest patch bringing a host of major improvements.

Advertise on their blog, Media Molecule team revealed Dreams v2.44. Titled “Create Mode TLC Part 2”, this new update brings “a host of exciting changes and improvements to our creative toolset”, the most interesting being:

  • New time and date gadget
  • Improved sun and sky gadget
  • Improved calculator gadget
  • New Baking Tool Issued
  • Improved Adjust Details tool
  • Improved clone tool
  • New audio settings
  • New easy conversions!
  • New Square Opaque Fleck

These are just a few of the many updates, fixes, changes and additions coming to Dreams with this latest update. Most interesting of all is the addition of a new fleck, which should allow Dreamscapers to expand the art style of their works.

Previously, many games and experiences created in Dreams all adopted a similar art style due to the type of tools offered. Expanding it with new tools will only make the experiences visually more interesting and varied. The full list of changes and additions can be found HERE.

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