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Marvel Comics Changes King Conan #2 Art After Pocahontas Critics


Marvel Comics has modified the digital comic file to King Conan #2, originally published in January. The original final page originally looked like below:

It has now been redesigned to look like this. The text is unchanged.

Marvel Comics Changes King Conan #2 Art After Pocahontas Critics

Why? Well, it all comes down to the comic following this one, which hasn’t been digitally altered yet but which Marvel has promised to do. In the Marvel Comics Title King Conan #3 released in February, writer Jason Aaronartist Mahmoud Asrarcolorist Matthew Wilsonand letter Travis Lanham told a Conan story set in a more distant time than has been explored before, as old Conan finds an abandoned woman on an island of the undead – the same island he himself is on now abandoned – who calls herself Princess Matoaka.

King Conan

This is considered a direct and parallel reference to that of the Native American historical figure, Pocahontas. Pocahontas’ real name was Amonute, and she went by Matoaka privately. After it was pointed out in one of the Chris ArranThe latest articles from Games Radar preview of the comic in question, it caused considerable concern on social media, especially given Marvel owner Disney’s use of the character.

King Conan

The real Pocahontas is thought to be 12 or 13 during the time period covered by the Disney film, but she was portrayed as 18 to 19 in the film. In real life, she was married to John Rolfe, not John Smith, and historians say it was a forced marriage, after she was kidnapped. She was also forced to travel to Europe as an ambassador and/or attraction and died of pneumonia on the journey back to her homeland. All of this was removed from the film, which was created without consulting Native American communities or historians. And the King Conan The #3 depiction of the character as Princess Matoaka emphasizes the sexualization of a character, whose real story is one of rape and abuse.

King Conan

American by birth incidental music writer and personal writer in tv shows Miracle Workers, final space, Mao Mao and My little Pony, Kelly Lynne D’Angelo of the Haudenosaunee Tuscarora posted on Twitter saying;

Disgusted isn’t even close to a word for it. How? ‘Or’ What?? how’s it going ?? she was a REAL LITTLE GIRL – to do this to us over and over again… I’m just lost. disgusting. doesn’t she deserve rest? complaint? honor? you colonizers make me vomit. Marvel – I HIGHLY RECOMMEND removing this from your barrel. you create something amazing like echo and then output that shit? for SHAME. stan lee would be rolling in his grave…this is active violence against us and our community. the sexualization of a real young girl who was raped and killed young affects our murdered and missing Indigenous women TODAY. you are retarded, sick and should give every penny you earned creating this to #MMIW

I am really AGHAST. How did you not have a sensibility reader for this?? And you used his REAL NAME? You made this even worse? Writers, creatives, @Marvel – everyone involved – you should donate everything that’s been done to #MMIW: I’m so lost… DISRESPECT

HEY @jasonaaron – you are a shitty writer! 🙂 I originally wrote a much worse insult, but I’ve decided to keep the peace, because nothing I say to you will be NOTHING close to the mayhem you’ll receive in the spirit world once you you will have entered it, my friend!

In response to those pointing out that Marvel released a The Voices of Marvel issue dedicated to indigenous comic characters and creators, she went on to say;

“three steps forward, one hundred steps back @Marvel. literally one hundred. what you just did in Pocahontas is… obscene. you lead us in one direction then push us in the mud and spit dirt in our face , and you laugh at our pain. this is absolute mental TORTURE, you know that? you get it: this swapping, offering and withdrawing, this is what we go through EVERY DAY, EVERYWHERE? Ugh, sweetheart …”

Indigenous cartoonist of the Little Pine First Nations in Canada, and editor of The Woman in the Woods and Other Warning Fables of the iron circus Alina Pete… also revived criticism Jason Aaron and RM Guerathe cartoon of Scalped, published by DC/Vertigo. They posted;

For those who don’t know, he’s a white guy from Alabama who won critical acclaim for the series Scalped. (The title of which should already ring alarm bells for most of you.) In this series, the protagonist fled from his terrible life of poverty and despair on the reservation, but he is now back to be a black detective and solve crimes. Damn anything, fine. In the right hands, it might even be a really interesting and nuanced story – something that examines themes of despair, disconnection from the community you left behind, and so on. I understand Aaron even tried to do that in his Dark Tale. CORN. Corn. Basically, this story is poverty porn. It’s not an examination of the systemic issues facing native people – it’s a chance for the author to think “wow, look how screwed up the reservations are, isn’t it dark and gritty? ” That’s why we need native voices writing native characters. We don’t show parts to make your world even darker. We are not here for you to make money from our murders and suicides, even fictitious ones. So f-ck this guy and his fascination with indigenous people. And f-ck Vertigo and Marvel for posting this shit. In particular, f-ck Jason Aaron for making money and a career out of our suffering. And f-ck someone else doing the same thing.

Michael Stone of the Yakama Nation added;

Sooooo not only are they blatantly hypersexualizing a real person who was a child when she was kidnapped and raped, name her Princess Matoaka, but they’re actually planning to use this character to follow the comic book issues of Conan ? @Marvel this is unacceptable.

twitter user Turn right only, a tribal citizen reconnecting, posted:

This new comic sexualizes a girl who was trafficked at a young age and @chrisarrant is here to praise her and ignore her racism and misogyny. @marvel needs to do better. Gamesradar needs to do better. These should never have been published.

And blue corn comics, a site that explores the representation of Native Americans in popular culture, tweeted;

Jason Aaron (“Scalped”) gives us a super sexy take on teenage Pocahontas! Try not to rape, kidnap or murder this Pocahottie or Conan will make you regret! #MMIW

The character’s backstory also bears similarities to various versions of the Pocahontas. King Conan #3 places their Princess Matoaka’s version in the South Americas and has her meet a visitor from Greece.

King ConanAcheron is a river in Greece, making it a story of the West plundering the Americas. But did Princess Matoaka fall in love with the Visitor in an intimate relationship.

King Conan

Until he falls in love with his tribe’s treasures instead, rejecting it for the lure of gold.

King Conan

Bringing back an armada to seize the treasures sees the princess’ father, “a great leader and shaman” summoning the “spirits of the earth”, showing off as spirit animals.

King Conan

And that Princess Matoaka kills her former Greek lover in cold blood.

King Conan

Only for her family to turn her and their treasure into a sacrifice to appease the spirits.

King Conan

That’s where King Conan comes in. And, therefore, the sexualization doesn’t stop there. Again, compared to the course of a Conan comic, but the use of Pocohantas is what concerns a number of people.

King Conan

Although Marvel Comics declined to comment, Bleeding Cool understands that Marvel still believes the new King Conan character was meant to be fictional and not based on any real characters or culture, despite the many parallels and similarities. However, I should expect Marvel Comics to correct the use of these names in future printings, future issues of the series, and digital editions. We’ve now seen this happen in the digital version of issue #2, and expect issue #3 to follow. Jason Aaron commented on Bleeding Cool. He writes; “In KING CONAN #3, I made the rash decision to name a character Matoaka, a name most closely associated with the actual Native American figure, Pocahontas. This new character is a supernatural, millennial-former princess of ‘a cursed island in a world of pastiche and dark fantasy and was never intended to be based on anyone in history. I should have understood the true meaning and resonance of the name better and recognized that it was not appropriate to use it. I understand the outrage expressed by those who care about Matoaka’s true legacy, and for all of this and the distress it has caused, I apologize. of that apology i have already taken what i was paid for the issue and donated it to the national resource center for aboriginal women character name and appearance will be adjusted for the remainder of this miniseries and in all digital and collected editions.

And thanks again to Kelly Lynne D’Angelo for helping guide a Brit like me through some of the intricacies of this situation.

(W) Jason Aaron (A/CA) Mahmud A. Asrar
A DUMB YARD! The mysterious PRINCESS of the cursed island reveals her secret to CONAN… a secret powerful enough to shake the foundations of the king’s journey! But will his temptation save the king… or lead to his downfall? It doesn’t matter if Conan can’t survive the onslaught of the island’s violent beasts! And, as a plan fails, what does THOTH-AMON’s new scheme bring? Parental advisory in stores: February 16, 2022 MSRP: $3.99

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