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Natasha Cunningham brings Caribbean Art to Adobe, Netflix and Amazon Publishing

Adobe Global Creator, Natasha Cunningham

Going from a graphic designer in Jamaica to becoming an Adobe Global Creator is not common. But with artistic skills spanning 10 years, it brought Natasha Cunningham’s work into the eyes of Netflix and Amazon Publishing.

PopWrapped had virtual coffee with Natasha. Here’s how she’s making her way as a woman in tech.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I wish I could give the perfect answer, but if I’m being honest, my typical day starts with a series of loud wake-up meows from my cat. Breakfast is usually the most convenient drink available – either matcha tea or tap water. There’s no yoga or meditation, unfortunately, as I skip straight to checking email and admin stuff.

It is after lunch that my art and design work begins, which mostly continues well into the night. I will occasionally take undeserved breaks throughout the day to watch my favorite YouTubers and destroy my opponents in Ludo Online aka Ludi. (Hit me if you wanna lose).

Natasha’s personality interview with Adobe.

What caught your attention in the design world?

I am a daughter of Artisans, so art has always been a priority in my life. I first became interested in graphic design in high school when I was exposed to books on the subject and constant visits to Edna Manley College of the Visual & Performing Arts (main art institute in Jamaica).

How would you describe your design style?

My style is constantly changing. However, some elements are still important, such as exploring texture, layering, and using plants.

You live in Jamaica. Does this influence some of your creative ideas?

Yes a lot. Culture, landscape, people, history, art, literature, flora and fauna are some of the things I draw references from and hope to continue to do so with more intention.

Which of your pieces is the most important?

The artwork I created for the 2022 Photoshop splash screen. This collaboration was the highlight of my career and it means so much and pride, not only to me, but to Jamaican and Caribbean designers.

How did you land the role of Adobe Global Creator?

I would say that constantly sharing my work on Instagram led to my connection with Adobe. I am extremely grateful to be included in their Global Creator Series.

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How do you stay motivated to produce so much work?

The simple answer is that I love what I do. There are times when the passion dies out and I will experience exhaustion, but I still create, even at my lowest.

What advice would you give to other women in technology and design?

Explore value, yours first. Be honest with yourself. Always strive to increase your value and always remember that yesterday’s price is not today’s price.

Natasha has made art celebrating people like Vice President Kamala Harris, artist Millie Small and athlete Elaine Thompson-Herah.

Connect with Natasha on social media @aboutnatlife and learn about her work and collaborations.

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