Art appreciation

Need a proposed GCR-2 performing arts center, no laughing matter

For the editor:

Yesterday I submitted an email to the school board and administration in reference to the “laugh” question regarding the request for a performing arts center.

Today I received a call from Dr. (Jeri Kay) Hardy regarding my concerns.

First, I would like to express my disappointment with the manner of the article, in particular the lack of follow-up and the manner in which the content was delivered. The article read, “Kris would love a performing arts center,” Hardy laughed in the room.

There was no follow-up or further discussion on the matter of laughter.

I was very offended by this, as were my artistically talented high school daughters. Their words were “it’s just art mom, we’re not important” followed by eye rolls. Now, thankfully, they don’t give the naysayers much credit, but it’s still a gut-punch to feel that artists in our community receive less attention and appreciation than athletes.

Having spoken with Dr Hardy the laughter had absolutely nothing to do with the actual request from the performance art center, I think there will be a follow up and clarification on this at some point.

Second, for those who may not understand our local artists and what art entails, I’ll do my best to explain, however, I’m not an artist and don’t even have an artistic inclination.

The arts are so much part of a bigger whole.

Have you seen the brilliant drawings, paintings, sculptures, etc., that the high school art department works hours on and proudly displays?

How about one of the amazing plays our drama department puts on?

Maybe you heard our choir and band give us a great performance? Have you seen our dance team put on a beautifully choreographed performance? Or read some of the brilliantly written poems or stories that are written?

Or seen the photography and videography that our students take hours to perfect? Carpenters, welders, yes art too. If you haven’t seen any of these wonderful art exhibits, I encourage you to do so. I’m sure there are arts I left out and I apologize for that.

Third, why do we need a performing arts centre. Owensville could be a hub for big things. The center could be used all year round, not just a season or two. The district could host various competitions and events, this would not only provide an economic boost to our school district, but also our local establishments, a huge source of revenue, and could potentially act as a storm shelter.

Art is life.

Art is all around us and makes us who we are, defines us and brings us together.

We have beautiful sports facilities that allow our athletes to shine and be proud, now is the time to offer the same to our artist.

Beth Herbert, Owensville