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New art installation by local woman opens at Kelowna International Airport

The work of a Lake Country woman will be on display at Kelowna International Airport (YLW) next year.

The 40-foot-long, eight-foot-tall installation, which was selected by the Kelowna Art Gallery (KAG), made its airport debut this week.

This is a new immersive work by Wanda Lock titled Kate and Molly.

“We are absolutely thrilled with the opportunities offered by this new dedicated exhibition space,” says Nataley Nagy, Executive Director of KAG. “Plus, it’s hard to miss.”

Lock’s four huge mixed-media paintings are in the center of YLW, just above the airline’s check-in area, to greet travelers as they enter the airport.

<who>Photo credit: Kelowna Art Gallery</who>Wanda Lock in front of her work at YLW.” src=”” style=”margin: 5px;”/></p>
<p dir=“Lock has woven literary and cultural references into the atmospheric paintings, inviting viewers to revel in the images of romance and fantasy they conjure up,” a statement from KAG explained.

The title of the work refers to a classic soliloquy involving Molly Bloom, a fictional character from James Joyce’s 1922 novel Ulyssesand singer and songwriter Kate Bush’s 1989 song “The Sensual World”.

They both cross over an iconic seed cake, which Lock has rendered in his signature painterly language.

It’s also an interesting time, as Bush recently made headlines by topping the music charts 30 years later after his song “Running Up The Hill” was featured on Foreign Things.

<qui>Photo credit: Kelowna Art Gallery” src=”” style=”margin: 5px;”/></p>
<p dir=Lock began her formal arts training at Okanagan University College in Kelowna before attending Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver.

Since graduating in 1992, Lock has established herself as an important part of the Okanagan arts community.

His work has been presented in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including three times at KAG.

The new installation at YLW will be on display until June 2023.

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