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New Disney Wish Images, Art and Info Revealed in D23 Magazine

The Disney Wish graced this summer’s issue of D23 magazine, and the story inside is full of newly revealed details about the ship. Here’s everything we learned new about the ship’s restaurants, shows and more!

We already know that the Disney Wish will have a Great Hall, instead of just an atrium. It will be a dedicated performance space with a specially designed stage. Performance Guests’ first experience will be the “First Wish”, when they are announced upon boarding the Disney Wish – this is standard on all Disney Cruise Line ships, but “First Wish” will have more of magic. Children will receive “Wishing Wands”, which they will use to create an “enchanting effect” throughout the Great Hall. There will be a musical moment with new characters Lady Lily (named after Walt Disney’s wife Lillian) and Lord Leopold.

The hall will feature a bronze statue of Cinderella, with Jaq and Gus peeking out from under her ballgown. D23 allowed us to take a closer look at both mice.

The sailing party on deck 11 will be called “Set Sail on a Wish”. It will contain a new song, “Set Sail” and “Welcome” from “Brother Bear”. More characters will appear in “Set Sail on a Wish” than at any other Disney sailing party. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, Goofy and Daisy will of course be present, as will the fairy godmother and “certain members of the royal family”.

The Walt Disney Theater, a staple of Disney Cruise Line ships, will benefit from improved sound and lighting, as well as additional elevators on the stage.

“Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular” will return to Disney Cruise Line on the Disney Wish with new effects, including a more interactive setting, zip line and fly rig.

The modern tale of “The Little Mermaid” will open with a giant treasure chest on stage before the show begins. A group of storytellers will find the treasure chest and use it to tell the story, which will focus more on the relationship between Ariel and Triton. Some of the classic songs from the movie will be reimagined. “Poor Unfortunate Souls” will be more soulful and jazzy, while “Daughters of Triton” will be kicked up a notch as a hybrid of pop, Motown and funk.

The third Broadway-style show, “Disney Seas the Adventure”, sees Captain Minnie granting Goofy’s wish to try to be captain. Tinker Bell will help Goofy on his journey. He will meet characters like Crush, Tiana, Hercules, Elsa, Merida and Moana. The finale will feature Peter Pan, Belle, Donald and Daisy, before taking the adventure from the stage through the house to the Great Hall for a meet and greet.

The Disney Wish will be the first Disney Cruise Line ship to feature two movie theatres: the Wonderland and Never Land cinemas, inspired by the Cheshire Cat and Tinkerbell respectively.

At Pirate Party, guests will be able to join the Pirate’s Rockin’ Parlay party complete with an 80s headband and a drummer named Bubbles. The party is anchored by Captain Redd, the great-great-granddaughter of pirate Redd of the Pirates of the Caribbean rides. It will feature four other captains, including Jack Sparrow. There will be performances of “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life To Me)”, “We Ain’t Gonna Take It” and “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”, the latter featuring a trampoline. The pirate fireworks are set to a score performed by the Budapest Orchestra, accompanied by the live band.

Guests will be able to play Disney Uncharted Adventure on their Disney Cruise Line Navigator app. This interactive experience takes guests all over the ship as they search for the wishing star. They can then meet in the Luna space on the last day for a collective game.

The “goodnight kiss” on the last night of each trip will be called “Wishing Ever After”. Guests will gather in the lobby when the chandelier’s Wishing Star is lit. This will happen twice on the final night and will end with a character encounter.

There will be 1,254 staterooms on the Disney Wish. This is roughly the same number of bedrooms as on the Disney Dream and Fantasy, but the ship is slightly larger and the bedrooms will have upgrades such as more storage space, additional shelves for toiletries and a large drawer-style refrigerator. The storybook-inspired rooms will feature artwork from various movies, including “Moana,” “Sleeping Beauty,” “The Princess and the Frog,” and “Cinderella.” The image in D23 showed a landscape of “Frozen” above the bed.

Instead of Cabanas, the Disney Wish will have Marceline Market, a quick-service space with ten food stalls. The restaurant is inspired by Walt Disney’s hometown of Marceline, reimagined with Disney characters running the shops. There will be a kitchenware store run by Remy and a housewares store run by Aladdin and Jasmine. Food stalls will include Asian-inspired dishes, comfort food, a seafood station and salads. There will also be a full bar.

The image from the magazine shows a map-shaped mural that appears to represent the ten food stalls. It features characters from ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’, ‘Ratatouille’, ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘Zootopia’, ‘Tangled’, ‘Alice in Wonderland’, ‘Bambi’ and ‘Pinocchio’ , as well as a drawing of Walt and Mickey.

Next to Marceline Market will be the Mickey and Friends Festival of Foods. This fast food area will include five kiosks: Sweet Minnie’s Ice Cream, Mickey’s Smokestack Barbecue, Goofy’s Grille, Daisy’s Pizza Pies and Donald’s Cantina. The room service kitchen is attached to this “food festival,” so guests can order more options to their room than ever before.

Inside Out: Joyful Sweets concept art

Inside Out: Joyful Sweets will also be near Marceline Market and the Mickey and Friends Festival of Foods. Confectionery will have lighting effects corresponding to different food items – so you may get a different show depending on what you buy.

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Two of the table-service restaurants will be split into two spaces for a more intimate and personalized dining experience.

At 1923, next to the Great Hall, guests will be seated in either the Walt Dining Room or the Roy O. Dining Room. 1923, named after the year the Walt Disney Company was founded, will feature 800 works of art, including 50 character models and 24 multiplane camera setups representing 16 animated films. Imagineers consulted the Walt Disney Archives and the Animation Research Library to recreate various artifacts representing the founding of the studio and the animation process. The California-inspired cuisine will be a fusion of Asian, European and South American flavors.

Worlds of Marvel will also be split into two spaces. We’ve heard a lot about this restaurant’s dinner show, “Avengers: Quantum Encounter,” featuring some of the Avengers. The experience opens with a presentation by Ant-Man and The Wasp titled “Miracles from Molecules”, a reference to the defunct Tomorrowland Adventure Thru Inner Space attraction. Photorealistic CGI will show the heroes battling on the deck of the Disney Wish and, apparently, a giant seagull attacking.

There will also be a dinner show in Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure. In this in-the-round theater, guests will experience hidden lighting and theatrical effects in a castle ballroom as Olaf throws a party for Anna and Kristoff. Olaf will visit each table, so guests can interact with the happy snowman. Starters include seared Chilean sea bass and juniper-spiced roast free-range chicken.

Guests can also reserve a spot for Olaf’s Royal Picnic.

The adults-only restaurants will be inspired by “Beauty and the Beast,” with Palo Steakhouse representing Cogsworth and Enchanted inspired by Lumière.

On the bar side, there will be the Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge, open to families during the day. The Nightingales piano bar, inspired by “Cinderella”, will be right next to the Great Hall. The Keg & Compass sports bar will feature a giant map on the ceiling featuring various sea-related characters, including Moana and Ursula. The Bayou, a more informal lounge inspired by “The Princess and the Frog”, will be “al fresco” under a canopy of twinkling fireflies with two gazebos.

The Oceaneer Club will have real paraphernalia from various Disney parks, including a Country Bear Jamboree hat. For young adults there will be The Hideaway, complete with a dance floor and DJ booth. The Hero Zone sports arena, for kids and families, will host a villain party hosted by Oogie Boogie.

As for the pools, there are six small pools on multiple levels amidships, which means everyone will have a great view of the ocean. The adults-only Quiet Cove will feature an infinity pool and a “Vana”-inspired cafe. Toddlers and young children will enjoy the ‘Toy Story’-inspired pool area, featuring a wading area, wading pool and Slide-a-saurus Rex family slide.

There will be a secluded pool perfect for families looking for a quieter environment. This Chip ‘n Dale pool will be on deck 14.

Senses Spa will now include an outdoor area including hot tubs, loungers and an “ice parlor”.


And of course, there’s the AquaMouse, billed as Disney Cruise Line’s premier attraction. This waterslide will have two different stories, which we now know will run on different days. The “Swiss Meltdown” story will include music from the Matterhorn to Disneyland. Disney Uncharted Adventure will also let you control the lighting of the ride.


Finally, D23 revealed some additional details about the two lounges aboard the Disney Wish. Untangled Salon, inspired by “Tangled”, will offer hair and beauty services for all ages. Adults in the lounge will be able to have champagne. In the evening, it will host beverage tasting experiences.

Hook’s Barbery will also be offering drink tasting experiences at night. It will operate as a lounge, with a speakeasy offering a pre-prohibition lineup based on bourbon and whiskey.

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