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Nocturne Teaser Changes Richter Belmont’s Art Style

During the Netflix Geeked event, the company presented a very brief preview of its new series, Castlevania: Nocturne. The stars of the show Rondo of Blood poster boy Richter Belmont in a slightly different style of anime art than his ancestor took to great acclaim.

The Castlevania The series ended on a high note, while leaving the doors open for what’s to come thanks to Trevor Belmont and Sypha Belnades welcoming their son Simon to the world of anime. So a new series was first announced about a year ago with confirmation that it would follow Richter, the other Castlevania guest character from Super Smash Bros Ultimatewhich looks quite different from previous iterations.


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The Castlevania: Nocturne The announcement didn’t reveal much at all, but it shocked many fans with the official reveal of its protagonist. As fans can see in the teaser, the protagonist sports a drastically different hairstyle, among other things, though it still has its roots in some of the franchise’s original artwork. With this also came the confirmation of earlier plot elements, such as Night drawing inspiration from the two games Richter is known for and two of the Castlevaniathe best starters, Rondo of blood and symphony of the nightwith the entire arc of the story taking place during the French Revolution.

Naturally, Richter is armed with the Belmont family’s most prized weapon, the vampire slayer. Still, this more stylized character design already hints at a renewed aesthetic to further invigorate Netflix’s rare success with this video game adaptation. Already in production, the creative direction of the vampire anime will be in the hands of the Deats brothers, Adam and Sam, who helmed the set. Castlevania series, with Sam Kolde replacing disgraced showrunner Warren Ellis.

Night borrows its name from the eponymous lullaby originally featured in symphony of the night‘s score, although this is also available on the Rondo of Blood remake The Chronicles of Dracula X; or it could just as well be a reference to the obscure Japanese radio drama Castlevania: Night of Remembrancewhich takes place shortly after the events of this game. It is precisely this PSP title that seems to have jumped into the minds of the artists when creating this Richter, since the light brown curly hair is more like that of the illustrations where he has a longer hairstyle.

Regardless of those details, the teaser appears to have garnered a positive online response from fans, not that Netflix’s handling of Castlevania really can’t get any worse than Konami’s. As one of the classic gaming franchises, Castlevania still doesn’t fail to get its fans excited for new content despite its recent absence from the gaming space.

Castlevania: Nocturne is currently in production.

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