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Overwatch launches new Winter Wonderland art for Christmas

Blizzard shares a special holiday message and new Overwatch Christmas artwork with some of the fan favorite heroes celebrating.

the first overwatch winter wonderland skins

It’s Christmas Day and Blizzard is celebrating, as are fans of Monitoring worldwide. Christmas is celebrated in Monitoring in many different ways, whether it’s with holiday-themed skins or the Winter Wonderland in-game event that brings back the Yeti Hunt and Snowball game modes. To punctuate the holidays and send a message of Christmas cheer, Blizzard has also shared a new official track. Monitoring artistic on social networks. Art has several Monitoring hero celebrating together.


The message shared by Blizzard via the official Monitoring The Twitter account reads: “Happy Holidays from all of us on the Monitoring team “, featuring both a Christmas tree and a heart emoji. Accompanying the message is a new official work of art for Monitoring to celebrate Christmas and the holidays. He features D.Va in his legendary new Sleighing holiday skin D.Va offering gifts to several others Monitoring hero with a Christmas background suitable for the picture.

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In addition to Sleighing D.Va, there are several other fan favorites Monitoring characters in art. Snowboarder Baptiste is behind D.Va, standing next to her robot, while Wooltide Tracer receives a gift from D.Va herself. Behind Tracer hides a trio of others Monitoring characters, each also sporting their new Winter Wonderland skins. There’s Snowman Wrecking Ball in Santa costume, Peppermint Bark Brigitte placing an ornament on the Christmas tree, all with help from Orisa in her legendary new reindeer skin.

While there is no other Monitoring hero to find in the picture, there are a number of hidden easter eggs referring to missing friends. For example, a trio of ornaments on the tree refer to the Penguin Mei, Toybot Zenyatta and the Alpine Skin of Soldier 76. Hidden under the tree are a pair of additional references, along with a gift including paper from the tree. Solider 76 wrapper and a Hearthstone card on top of another gift.

The only two new skins introduced as part of MonitoringThe Winter Wonderland 2021 event is Ice Wraith Genji and Mistletoe Symmetra. Maybe they’re late for the Monitoring holiday party, or maybe Genji is in the picture but can’t be seen because he’s a ninja. All the same, Monitoring players can still find them in-game as part of this year’s Winter Wonderland event.

A gift of art and a positive message can go a long way during the holidays. A lot of Monitoring players will tune in for Christmas and the holidays, whether it’s to be separated from friends and family, or for some reason or another. Knowing that the developers at Blizzard wish them luck and are thankful to be fans could make someone’s vacation a little brighter. A Monitoring Christmas is special in its own way.

Monitoring is out now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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