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Picorinne Soft Studio details the story, setting and artistic style of Andro Dunos 2

It’s no secret that shooting video games have come a long way and now offer a realistic, action-packed experience. However, despite the popularity of modern shooting games today, there is still a burning desire for those classic shoot ’em ups that evoke a sense of nostalgia among gamers. Next year, Pixelheart Studios and Picorinne Soft will be released Andro Dunos 2, a side-scrolling shooter as a sequel to the 1992 original.

In an interview with Game Rant, developer Ryo of Picorinne Soft explained why the studio decided to relaunch the Andro Dunos franchise, 28 years later. The developer also explained in detail what players can expect from Andro Dunos 2 in terms of story, gameplay, and art style.


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Andro Dunos 2: The Return of a Franchise, 28 Years Later


For several years now, it has been common practice for video game developers to reinvent some of their old catalogs by giving them a new coat of paint in the form of remakes and remasters. Over the past two years, Capcom has managed to remake its classic resident Evil games, offering those who haven’t been able to experience the original a chance to enjoy these iconic games.

However, it’s rare for video game publishers and developers to revive a franchise that has been dormant for decades and develop a sequel. When asked why it took Picorinne Soft several years to make a sequel to Andro Dunos, developer Ryo said he’s waiting for a chance that a publisher will someday take notice of Andro Dunos 2 and finance its relaunch. Luckily for Picorinne Soft, publisher Pixel Heart Studios reached out to the development team to express interest in the release. Andro Dunos 2.

I’ve always waited for the chance that one day a publisher would still be interested in licensing. And that day came when Pixel Heart knocked on my door and offered to make a second Andro Dunos game.

Andro Dunos 2: Story, Gameplay and Artistic Style


One thing Ryo was clear about Andro Dunos 2 is that despite developing the game in 2021, the team designs it as if the game was released in the 90s. As a result, Ryo said players should expect the same aesthetics and gameplay mechanics in Andro Dunos 2. Nonetheless, some changes have been implemented to make it more affordable and accessible to modern gamers.

One of the most important changes is Andro Dunos 2 difficulty settings. Ryo said he tried to adjust the difficulty level and combat mechanics so as not to be too complicated compared to modern shooters. Another change that Picorinne Soft has implemented in Andro Dunos 2 is a reworked gear and bomb system, making the game concise and easy to play. Ryo also explained that during development, Andro Dunos 2 has not been influenced by any modern shooter, especially since he has created several shooting games in the past and is well versed in the craftsmanship of what makes a good shooting game.

Ryo also pointed out that since the developers of Andro Dunos 2 are the same as the original, players can expect the sequel to have that authentic feel, hoping to transport players back in time and experience the joys of a classic shoot ’em up. In addition, Andro Dunos 2 follows the story of the first game, and there will be many original characters, some with similarities to those in Andro Dunos. Finally, the Ryo made sure that Andro Dunos 2 followed the art style of the original to make sure players don’t feel like 28 years have passed between games.

Not only did I pay attention to the stages, but each stage also has a big boss to make the gameplay more exciting. The art style has been carefully observed from the first game and there are a lot of similar and quirky characters.

Andro Dunos 2 will be released in early 2022 for 3DS, Dreamcast, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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