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Pokemon Movie Art Could Be Hiding a Reference to Darkrai’s Beta Design

The Pokemon The franchise has achieved huge critical and commercial acclaim around the world having released numerous TV shows, movies, video games, and comics, among others. Therefore, fans show their appreciation through several ways like making artworks, figurines or sculptures, while others prefer to collect Pokemon elements. Someone thinking outside the box has designed a sculpture of a crystal version of Bulbasaur using 3D printing techniques.

Moreover, as the gaming world anticipates the arrival of Pokemon scarlet and violetmany spend their days playing Pokemon Legends: Arceus. The latter was released in January of this year and held the No. 1 position in the ranking of the best-selling video games in the United States. Moreover, it was well received by fans due to a wide variety of Legendary and Mythical Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceusincluding many prominent names like Heatran, Regigigas, Cresselia, and Darkrai, among others.


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Speaking of Darkrai, a Redditor made a staggering discovery about its beta and subsequent movie, Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai. Reddit user cursed_mongus uploaded a photo collage to the social media platform featuring three images, two of which are from the theatrical poster for the film, while the third is from the Darkrai beta variant. The images apparently show a striking resemblance between Darkrai’s beta design and the symbol on the Pokemon film poster. However, it should be noted that the aforementioned symbol is only present in the Japanese version of the poster.

The Reddit community positively received the post as it garnered over 4,000 upvotes and many comments, where most users appreciated cursed_mongus’ attention to detail. One person pointed out that even Darkrai’s eye is visible in the poster when magnified and closely inspected. Amazingly, this reference to Darkrai’s beta design managed to stay hidden from the world until almost fifteen years after the film’s release.

For those unaware, Darkrai is a Mythical Dark-type Pokemon first introduced in the movie. Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai in 2007. Since then, he has appeared in numerous video games, most recently in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Like other mythical pocket monsters, many fans are unaware of Darkrai’s lore and backstory, making it a mysterious entity.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is considered by many to be the best game on the Legends series of Pokemon games, with fans loving the idea of ​​regional historical Pokemon. People hope that the developers will provide improved user experience in the coming Pokemon Legends games building on ideas from previous installments.

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