Art style

Pokémon Red/Blue is reimagined in Sugimori’s original 3D art style

Ken Sugimori’s original artistic creations featured in Pokemon Red and Blue (Where Green in Japan) are quite emblematic. Between the watercolor rendering and the surprising sense of attitude that many creatures wore, it was a style that still feels distinct today. So what would a modern Pokemon game would it look like if it re-adopted this style? The Twitter account @pokeyugamidedicated to Pokemon fan art, offered an answer. He reinvented Pokemon Red / Blue as a 3D game using Ken Sugimori’s original art style, and the results are absolutely stunning.

As you can see below, the account only offered a short video clip, and there is no fight. But it’s more than enough to inspire awe and wonder. bringing Pokemon Red / Blue in 3D with Sugimori’s original art style creates a huge sense of personality. It’s like going through a painting. Admittedly, this does not mean the current 3D Pokemon the games don’t have their own style (even if the graphics performance is horribly disappointing), but it’s hard to argue with the merits of the style below.

On a more official level, Pokemon Scarlet and Purple are coming to Nintendo Switch later this year. While they will apparently be playing closer to Sword and Shield that of Legends: Arceus, the games will be open-world like the latter. Let us know if you’re excited for Scarlet and Purple — or if you prefer to play this reimagining 3D fan Pokemon Red / Blue with the original art style smeared all over.