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Pokemon Violet Box Art gets a facelift with Gen 1

A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan redesigns the Pokemon Violet box art to mimic the style of the Gen 1 Pokemon games.

Pokemon Fan art can take many forms. While some fan artists design new evolutions for old Pokémon or create their own fan-created Pokémon, others decide to give the new monsters Pokemon scarlet and purple a retro makeover.

Introduced in the latest trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Miraidon is one of eight new Pokémon that fans may have seen in upcoming games. Miraidon and his counterpart Koraidon were introduced at the end of the trailer, confirming them as the legendary new duo to grace the cover of the Pokemon Games.


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A Reddit fan artist named va_cao redesigned the Pokémon Violet box art in gen 1 style Pokemon Games. Fan-made box art features the classic Pokemon logo superimposed on a design for Miraidon that mimics the art style of the franchise’s early days. Miraidon is surrounded by text and has seen a small redesign to fit the proportions of the original Game Freak designs. This includes reducing some of Miraidon’s features such as his chest and head and coloring him to a paler blue and yellow.

The specific style of box art that va_cao imitates is Japanese box art, denoted by the text “pocket monsters” at the bottom of the fan art. Although this is va_cao’s most recent piece of fan art, they made a similar piece to this one but, for pokemon scarlet legendary Koraidon. Other franchises they’ve created fan art for include The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy 7and Shin Megami Tensei 5.

Pokemon fans often have differing opinions on the change in art style seen from Gen 1 to Gen 8. Some prefer the simplistic designs from the early days of the franchise while others appreciate the more complex Pokemon appearances from later games. . Some Pokémon, like ghost/poison-type Gengar, have seen their overall appearance change significantly due to this stylistic change. This is perhaps something fans will appreciate about va_cao’s fan art as it retains the detailed elements of Miraidon’s design while streamlining it to match classic Pokemon.

Discussion around Pokemon scarlet and violet continues as fans give their thoughts on the new Pokemon seen in the new trailer. While some discuss the possible evolutions the new Pokemon might have, others debate the role the new legendaries will have in the story. Although with the two new professors, 4-player co-op, and the move to the full open world, Pokemon fans have a lot to discuss while they wait for Game Freak to reveal more information about these new games.

Pokemon scarlet and violet released on November 18, 2022 on Nintendo Switch

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