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Punchline’s New Fan Art Gets The Batman Artist’s Approval

An incredibly realistic work of the Punchline villain has won the approval of Jorge Jiménez, the man who helped bring him to life in Batman.

An exciting piece of art featuring the Joker’s new female right-hand man, Punchreceives an official boost from Batman artist, Jorge Jiménez. Ever since her first appearance, Alexis Kaye has been a fan favorite for her daring attitude and incredible costume design. As with any other beloved character, fan tributes are becoming a regular sight for Punchline, with one being elevated on social media by its co-creator.

Punchline first appeared in Batman #89 and was co-created by James Tynion IV and Jorge Jiménez. Hype surrounded the character even before she made her comic book debut thanks to DC’s announcement that the Joker was getting a new partner in crime now that he and Harley Quinn were officially done. Punchline lived up to expectations and became an instant hit, with cosplay fans enjoying its unique and fun design.


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In a similar vein, a fan created an amazing Punchline tribute with a 3D illustration. On Twitterartist SubversiveGirl posted an image of Kaye, noting that it was made using “3ds Max, ZBrush, Arnold and Photoshop.The art shows Punchline, dressed in her iconic uniform, looking directly at the viewer with a sly smile. She wields a knife with the name “Harley” engraved on it, no doubt a reference to the rivalry of the two. been a huge success.”Boom!

SubversiveGirl’s art is, quite simply, exceptional. Punchline’s style, her attitude, her whole essence is pretty well captured in the work. SubversiveGirl’s mix of programs creates such a realistic rendering of the character that it looks like Punchline can just stand up and attack the viewer. It’s no wonder the piece received so many likes or had the endorsement of the artist who helped make the character.

It’s always a heartwarming sight to see comic book creators give their stamp of approval to fan-made content. The digital age has enabled a greater level of connectivity between writers, artists and their fans and responses like Jiménez’s show how valuable that connection can be. Creators can see how much their work is appreciated by fans, and in turn, fans have a direct line to pay tribute to their favorite artists. Of course, there’s no guarantee that a creator will respond. But when someone like Jorge Jiménez does it, it goes a long way.

She may not currently be in the pages of Batmanbut punch lines isn’t going anywhere as long as she has fans like SubversiveGirl.

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