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Punisher Creator Shares Hilarious Frank Castle / Tintin Mash-Up Fan Art

Punisher co-creator Gerry Conway retweeted an unlikely mix of Dan Schkade fan art from Tintin and Frank Castle. Even the dog Snowy comes into the game.

the of the punisher Creator Gerry Conway shares hilarious Frank Castle fan art mash-up and Tintin. This interaction happened when Conway retweeted the art on Twitter. The impressive mash-up was illustrated by Eisner and the nominated designer for Ringo, Dan Schkade.

Originally a comic strip created by the Belgian designer Georges Remi, Tintin took off with its many adaptations. Specifically, The Adventures of Tintin The animated series ran for three seasons in the early ’90s and helped popularize the character in the United States, where the show aired on HBO. The most recent Hollywood adaptation was an animated feature film directed by Steven Spielberg and released in 2011. As a character, Tintin is a young Belgian reporter who, with his canine sidekick Snowy, embarks on adventures and unraveling mysteries between the early to mid-1920s.e century. The Punisher, of course, is the Marvel antihero who infamously embarked on a murderous rampage of criminals after his family were killed by the mob.


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Fan art features Tintin covered in bandages and wearing Frank Castle’s trench coat and skull symbol. Tintin also carries a shotgun, something the character would never be seen wielding otherwise. Meanwhile, Snowy runs alongside Tintin with an eye patch and a cigar sticking out of his mouth. Snowy is arguably the funniest of the two and is probably a reference to Nick Fury. In a caption from the tweet, Schkade accuses the procrastination of art, stating: “I’m not going to get any better at answering emails and will continue to post nonsense like Punisher Tintin.”

The mash-up could also be considered ironic given the contrasting nature of the two characters. Tintin is known for his clean style and the healthy nature of his stories. The Punisher, obviously, is generally described as dark and gritty with stories ranging from violent to downright sadistic. In recent years, the Punisher logo has sparked controversy for being adopted by far-right militias. Gerry Conway has spoken out on the matter, so seeing him retweet some fan art of his creation is much needed positive attention for the character.

Artist Dan Schkade also had another fan art mash-up that went viral almost exactly a year ago to the day. After President Joe Biden’s inauguration in 2021, a Bernie Sanders meme sitting in a chair spread across the internet. In a tweet with the caption “I could not sleep” Schkade posted Bernie Sanders as DC Metron’s supervillain, hilariously sitting in the Mobius chair. Much like the disparate sources of this strange mashup, the contrast between that of Tintin own works of art and of the punisher the dark work provides a hilarious picture.

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