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Red Dead Online fan recreates his character in official art style

One Red Dead Online fan creates stunning artwork, based on their own custom character, which aims to replicate the official art style of the game.

Sadie Adler in Red Dead Redemption 2

Although Red Dead Online is almost three years old, his dedicated community continues to get creative in producing fan art. While a majority is based on the memorable moments featured in Red Dead Redemption 2single player story mode, an artist decided to create something totally unique.

The character creation tool turns out to be one of the main features that defined the cowboy shooter. It has gradually become a popular outlet for the more artistic of fans to push functionality to its absolute limits to carve out their own distinctive outlaw. With such a powerful tool in the hands of players, artists were able to create stunning, unique works of art inspired by what they created in the game.


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Paying homage to the game’s promotional art style, artist Ketto Art transformed his personalized character into a stunning visual masterpiece. The details and bold use of color are just a few of the many things that make it such an incredible tribute to Red Dead Online, with a clear focus on portraying the harsh brutality and stunning wilderness present during the US border.

In the rendering, a decorated desperado is attached with the rifle repeater as well as an intricate pistol belt loaded with shiny accessories. The outlaw takes a defensive stance; their arms folded, legs spread, rifle ready and finger on the trigger against a crimson backdrop on the mountainside. It would be safe to assume that she’s a bounty hunter, as shown in the role’s brace belt, and that she’s hunting somewhere in the Grizzlies West region of Ambarino territory. While juxtaposing the serious themes, the artist said he made sure to slip a fun parody of the game’s notorious hover props into the room, which can be seen by observing the left side of the waistband of the gun.

Impressively, Ketto Art confirmed that they only had a few posters and an in-game screenshot of their custom character as a reference when creating this piece. What’s even more spectacular is that this fan art piece was created in just a few days and was drawn entirely by hand in the free open source painting program, Krita. .

Overall, the artist’s dedication to detail when creating this fan art is a pure reflection of how much they love the Red Dead Redemption series, while also paying homage to the beautiful world so many players have fallen in love with during their time on the series. From visual style to hilarious bugs and glitches, it’s all there.

Red Dead Online is available now for PC, PS4, Stadia and Xbox One.

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