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renault updates its diamond-shaped logo with a new “flatified” version in op art style

Car maker Renault unveiled a new logo, presented as a geometric version of its diamond-shaped design used since the 1920s. the French group is the latest in a long list of car manufacturers who have opted for a more “sophisticated” visual identity, by “flatifying” their graphics. following this approach, the updated logo appears as a two-dimensional diamond in black and white, influenced by an op art style reminiscent of the 70s.

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Three-dimensional logos may look ideal on car hoods, but many car brands have found that they don’t translate as well online. it seems like renault came to this conclusion as well, as he’s now redesigned his existing 3D diamond – which dates back to 1992 – into a flat black and white logo, which looks like a vibrant optical illusion work of art. Consisting of two interlocking rhombuses, the logo appears without typography and can be animated for use in digital media or serve as an illuminated symbol on vehicle grilles.

renault updates its diamond-shaped logo with a new

the work (described by the brand as a “renovation”) was carried out in-house, and is clearly designed for digital use. ‘we redesigned it [the logo] to become more iconic, simple and meaningful, a true timeless signature, ‘ gilles vidal, renault design director, sharing. “Now it made sense to go back to flat design again, which is a thing of our times, while still giving it movement through the interplay of two diamond shapes curling into each other to create movement, interaction, complementarity ” adds vidal, which points out that the flat logo is more suitable for websites, apps, smartphones and screens inside cars.

the first model with the updated logo will appear in 2022, and by 2024 all renault cars will carry the new symbol.

renault updates its diamond-shaped logo with a new

renault updates its diamond-shaped logo with a new

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March 23, 2021