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Renowned Artist, LCO Member Leaves a Legacy of Art, Friendship | Regional

The art world and a community of people who loved Jim Denomie’s friendly, accessible and light-hearted creative spirit are in mourning.

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These are other works by Jim Demonie owned by Betsy Vork-Howell.

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Gathering of artists at Shue's Pond

Jim Denomie, (center) a renowned artist from Minnesota who is also a member of the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa tribe, reunited with multimedia artist Betsy Vork-Howell and singer-songwriter John Adler (SonofMel) to celebrate Denomie’s new book of sketches and a SonofMel t-shirt featuring Denomie’s original artwork titled “Storyteller”, an artwork inspired by Adler’s songs. The back of the t-shirt features a woodcut created by Vork-Howell.

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